Letters to the Editor for Sept. 30, 2014

Support the proposed charter

Thank you to the freeholders, whom the voters elected last November, for putting together a solid and balanced new Clark County County Charter for voters to approve this November. Clark County had around 12,000 residents when the Washington State Constitution was approved in 1889, which established our current form of county government. At over 400,000 residents, our county is ready for a form of government that gives county residents better representation, provides separation between policy makers and county managers, and gives residents a way to replace county laws they disagree with.

Expanding the county commission from three to five council members will give us more voices on the county council, give us smaller districts and have better representation of the needs of each district. Having five county council members will make it harder for one or two members to hijack county government for narrow ideological purposes and will assure more viewpoints making policy decisions.

It’s time for a new county charter that really serves the needs of the residents of Clark County. When you get your ballot, make sure you vote for the new county charter and get your ballots in the mail before Nov. 4.

Paul Montague, Vancouver

192nd Avenue bridge would bring jobs, development to east Clark County

The next 20 years, starting now, what is needed in east Clark County — Vancouver, Camas, Washougal — are:

1 – New 192nd Avenue bridge. It will do what the I-205 bridge has done for growth in east Clark County — jobs east of 192nd Avenue and north Clark County and business, housing and retail. Put light rail on I-205 as it was built for light rail, north to Vancouver Mall, and also east and west along Northeast 18th Street power lines from downtown Washougal to downtown Vancouver. Bring Portland workers and jobs to Clark County.

2 – Thousands of homes on both sides of Lacamas Lake, and thousands of jobs – technology, manufacturing and retail along Lake Road and north of Lacamas Lake and out into Brush Prairie and Hockinson.

Without the 192nd Avenue bridge, growth east will slow and access to Portland will become a gridlock and limit growth and jobs due to excess car traffic on both existing bridges. We need to support and help get this bridge built within five years.

With all companies locating in east Clark County, they will need housing, shopping, entertainment and roads and infrastructure. If this is provided, more companies will come. Our kids will have jobs here, no in Portland or Seattle.

With 125,560 residents and 91,200 jobs coming, how will they all fit across two existing bridges already near capacity, without an east county bridge at 192nd Avenue? This is coming by or before year 2035. Stop fighting and do your jobs of planning and growing forward.

Adam Kluka, Camas

Camas is in good hands

I attended the State of the Community program at Camas High School.

Port Director David Ripp, Mayor Scott Higgins and Superintendent Mike Nerland each gave a summary of their jobs. And I can say that our community is in good hands.

They are not only doing their job, they are truly a part of the community, involved in many other events as well.

If you were not there, plan on it next year. I left there with a new sense of pride as a Papermaker.

Mary Mabry, Camas