Extra patrols target DUI drivers

Ask 10 people to name their favorite time of year, and it’s very likely that more than half will mention the holiday season.

Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or simply taking advantage of the time with family and friends, at the core of each is a focus on love, thankfulness and giving to others.

But parties to celebrate these happy occasions, often involve the consumption of alcohol. While that does not become an issue for most people, it can set the stage for unintended tragic consequences.

Each year, heartbreaking stories are reported about men, women and children who are killed and injured by impaired drivers.

To combat and reduce those statistics, thanks to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s and Washington State Patrol’s Target Zero enforcement efforts, extra DUI patrols are going on right now in Clark County and around the state, and will continue through the holiday season. WTSC officials are also encouraging party-goers to plan ahead and make use of resources such as Uber and taxi cabs.

“We have seen an unfortunate increase in traffic deaths this year,” Darrin Grondel, WTSC director, said in a article in today’s Post-Record. “By encouraging people to plan ahead over the holiday party season, and to ensure a sober ride home, we hope our state will experience zero traffic deaths in December and through the New Year.”

It comes down to a pretty simple statement, that has the potential to be a matter of life or death: If you’ve been drinking alcohol or using marijuana, don’t get behind the wheel.