Letter to the Editor for March 3, 2015

Camas leaders should ‘think practical’

There will be much controversy regarding whether to put in a stop light vs. a roundabout at the intersection of Sixth Street and Norwood.

I am a neighbor in that area, and use the interchange often, so I am recommending a stoplight. There are many reasons.

Have you ever followed a truck that had to turn at a roundabout? You need to stop to give the truck room to back up about six feet so that it can negotiate the curve. Most of our produce and commodities are shipped in by truck, and would need to get around the curve.

Another reason — where would you be able to divert traffic for the time that it takes to install a roundabout during construction? Sixth Street is the main entrance into Camas.

While a roundabout might look lovely to some, it can be a problem to others. It would be better to use that money to fix the potholes in our streets. Forget beautiful and think practical.

Belva Baz, Camas