Proposal calls for new apartment complex in downtown Washougal

Robert and Ann Angelo turn in pre-application

The landowners of the Angelo soccer field in downtown Washougal have submitted a pre-application to construct apartments at that site.

The paperwork, filed with the city of Washougal, includes a 1.77-acre parcel at 2340 Main St.

Robert and Ann Angelo, of Washougal, are seeking to construct a 99-unit multi-family development. It would include several, three story residential buildings.

The market-rate apartments would be for residents of all ages. Garages and additional parking have been proposed to serve residents and visitors. A recreation building, office and common open space are proposed at the center of the development.

The currently vacant land has been utilized as a soccer field for several years. It includes one regulation field, that can be split into three smaller playing surfaces for younger children.

The property is within the city’s Town Center Core zoning designation, which has been envisioned to include retail, offices, residences and hotels contained within mid-rise buildings. Maximum building heights may not exceed 55 feet.

The pre-application states the tallest apartment buildings will be 36 feet, and the development will likely be built in phases.

The potential apartment project was mentioned during the Washougal City Council’s annual planning conference Saturday, at City Hall.

Washougal Community Development Director Mitch Kneipp said a pre-application is an opportunity for a prospective applicant to meet with city staff to discuss the requirements for a proposed development application.

“The applicant submits their proposal, staff reviews it, then we meet to discuss the proposal and go over the requirements,” he said. “We then provide a written report summarizing the meeting.”

In order for the project to move forward, the Angelos need to make a formal application for a site plan review.

Councilwoman Jennifer McDaniel said there is an adequate number of apartments available in or near downtown Washougal.

Some of her neighbors’ children play soccer on the Angelo fields.

“What we do not have is a centrally located park,” McDaniel said. “I would prefer to see the Angelo property remain public park space, with a long term goal of a potential youth facility there.

“I was thinking of something similar to the Rock Solid Teen Center in Battle Ground, or the Marshall Center [in Vancouver],” she added.

Mayor Sean Guard said businesses in downtown Washougal would benefit from having apartments built nearby.

Ron Witherup, tournament director of the annual Adidas Clash at the Border, said it has been several years since the soccer tournament has included games at the Angelo fields.

He said that trend will likely continue this year.

“We like to have games together in one area — a sports complex — as possible to build on the tournament feel,” Witherup said. “Having games at an individual field separates the teams and loses that feeling.

“The club will be meeting this week to finalize the field locations for the tournament,” he added. “For sure, we will be using Doc Harris and Camas High School.”

The clash is set for June 26-28.

Council establishes priorities

During the planning conference, councilors indicated their priority issues include downtown retail strategy, pavement preservation and code enforcement. There was also mention of revisiting the issues of adding permanent bathrooms and a third field to the George Schmid Memorial Complex, at 4855 Evergreen Way.

Other priorities, determined by the city leaders, include multi-family housing tax credits, city communications, a 27th Street extension and overpass and downtown parking.

Those topics are expected to be discussed during future council workshops.