Letter to the Editor for Oct. 6, 2015

Why write in Liz Pike for County Council chair?

In 2011, the C-Tran board majority, including former County Commissioners Marc Boldt and Steve Stuart (D), approved a Columbia River Crossing bridge with light-rail plus tolls. They also pushed the C-Tran sales tax hike supposedly for buses and vans with Boldt on the committee for the tax increase.

Citizens warned that C-Tran had hefty savings, and would divert funds to light rail. The board responded by updating Policy PBD-015,

“C-Tran funding, including the current voter approved 0.5 percent sales tax revenue, and the proposed 0.2 percent sales tax revenue, should it be approved on the Nov. 8, 2011, general election ballot, or capital reserves, will not be used to fund any aspect of the CRC Project.” The unnecessary tax hike passed.

In 2012, a C-Tran ballot proposition on light-rail and bus-rapid-transit was rejected by every city in the county.

In 2013, a count-wide advisory vote on light-rail was held, and Liz Pike served on the committee for a public vote requirement, “Voting ‘yes’ lets the people decide and ensures that we, the people, are given the facts before billions of taxpayer dollars are spent.” Over 68 percent of voters agreed.

Arrogantly, Commissioner Stuart and Ridgefield/LaCenter C-Tran board members ignored vote results, revoked Policy PBD-015, and authorized a contract with Oregon TriMet for light-rail in 2013 that remains in effect.

Pike was an excellent Camas City Councilor, is a responsive state representative, and has long supported the restoration of county-wide voting on C-Tran issues, since all residents pay the sales tax. Find more information at www.WriteInLizPike.com

Margaret Tweet, Camas