Letters to the Editor for Oct. 27, 2015

LWCF plays an important role

Recently, I attended an event where I listened to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) explain why our outdoor recreation economy should be supported in Oregon and Washington. I was moved and inspired.

Our outdoor recreation opportunities are assets that bring people here to start families, businesses, or to even retire. They also bring tourists by the millions, from near and far. People enjoy experiencing the outdoors on public lands.

I am dismayed that Congress failed to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). LWCF is one of the best ways to support and grow our outdoor recreation economy. For example, without LWCF, the Cape Horn Trail in the Columbia Gorge likely wouldn’t exist. In fact, several amazing parts of the gorge would doubtlessly flaunt “McMansions” with no trespassing signs, rather than provide accessible open space.

Now, Oregonians and Washingtonians are working together to forward a new project, Pathways to the Pacific, enhancing tourism through increased habitat protection, thus potentiating new hunting, fishing and recreation opportunities. But we need LWCF.

Thanks and kudos to Jewell and Wyden for their leadership and vision. It’s crucial to get LWCF passed. Moving forward, let’s make it a reality.

Keith Brown, Board member, Friends of the Columbia Gorge

Collaboration and representation

On Oct. 6, 2015, Marc Boldt made the statement he would “restore collaboration… in Clark County.”

It is important to note his collaboration is a key to why he was overwhelming voted out of office in 2012.

Marc has a history of representing his own agenda. Marc’s failings include when he sided against the people on property taxes, free park access, the Columbia River Crossing, impact and permit fees as well as being weak on second amendment rights.

Collaboration for Marc includes embracing the Young Democrats of Clark County and their agenda.

Mike Dalesandro has nothing for the conservatives who populate Clark County nor does he care to represent them.

A better option for Clark County is the write-in candidacy of Liz Pike. Liz understands that collaboration — working together to realize shared goals — often means standing firm to represent. The most recent example is when Liz stood firm in Olympia and did not vote for the gas tax.

Liz is on record to never raise property taxes, keep free parks, find an alternate to a bridge saddled with light rail, property owner rights and strong second amendment rights.

Conservatives in Clark County need to stand up, vote and be counted. Write in Pike for Clark County Chair.

Phil Haggerty, Vancouver

Zavortink leaves a legacy of achievement

We recently marked David Zavortink’s retirement and the conclusion of two decades of gifted service to the community of Camas and the Camas Public Library. And what a legacy of achievement he has given: A library rated the best in Washington State; a central community and cultural focus for Camas; an institution and staff which have grown and adapted to changing times. We know of these results, and celebrate these and his many other leadership achievements.

David brought great qualities to the position of library director, from the first days in 1995 through the succeeding two decades. Imagine dedicating fully half of a rich professional career to one community — that is David’s devotion to Camas and its public library. Qualities which stand out for special emphasis include: creativity, resilience, devotion, persistence and teamwork. He has been a model of professionalism and achievement.

As city administrator for most of David’s two decades of gifted service, I had the honor of involvement in his initial hiring. I am also proud that in my role I supported the library and Zavortink, as he and the team built this shining community institution.

We all wish David the best for his future — as he “enjoys life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” David, our thanks and best wishes are in volumes and heartfelt.

Lloyd Halverson, Camas