Camas soccer team achieves goals at Ridgefield

Papermakers put three in the net during the final 27 minutes of play

Suddenly down by a goal after leading seven minutes into the game, the Camas girls came alive with three goals in the final 27 minutes to defeat Ridgefield 4-2 Saturday.

“We all came back and worked as a team,” said senior midfielder Rylee MacDonald. “We were down one, but we kept our heads up and kept working for that goal.”

MacDonald put the Papermakers up 1-0 on a perfect loft into the net from at least 20 yards away. The ball landed in the upper right pocket, unreachable by the keeper.

“Coach always tells us to shoot. I better shoot this now before I regret it,” MacDonald said. “I was filled with excitement when it went in. I also knew my team would be excited, and it would build our confidence.”

Ridgefield had a opportunity to tie the score on a breakaway, but the shot just missed. Play stopped for a moment and a point went up on the scoreboard for the Spudders, but the officials confirmed that it was not a goal. Still 1-0 Camas.

Ridgefield created another opening, but Marley Lefore blocked the shot on goal with her foot. Third time’s a charm for the Spudders. They came up with an equalizing goal off a crisscrossing strike. Both teams pushed for the final 10 minutes of the first half, but went into halftime tied 1-1.

Ridgefield attacked the goal at the start of the second quarter, and was awarded with a indirect free kick. Two Spudders played off each other and put the ball in the net to gain a 2-1 advantage.

After Camas had a few runs it couldn’t sustain, Sabine Postma and Maddie Kemp worked together to get the ball past the keeper rushing out of the box. Kemp unleashed the ball before making contact and it rolled into the empty net to tie the score again.

“I was just super psyched that Maddie put it in,” Postma said. “She had a nice touch around the goalie.”

The Papermakers set up for a corner kick as the clock ticked down to the final 15 minutes. Perri Belzer one-touched the ball to Postma, and Ellie Echeverio sent Postma’s cross into the back of the net.

“Their backs were turned, so I asked for a short one and put it right to her feet,” Postma said.

Echeverio didn’t hesitate.

“I saw an open net and I said shoot,” she told herself. “It was time to kick it up a notch. Let’s dig in and get this done.”

Alyssa Tomasini sealed the victory for Camas with an insurance goal during the final minute of the game. Kemp provided the assist.

“What I’ll remember about this game is my teammates. They never bring you down,” MacDonald said. “In the future, we will keep our heads up and keep fighting for our goals.”

Camas hosts Prairie tonight, at Doc Harris Stadium. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.