Honoring educators

‘Legendary Teacher Day,’ is set for Thursday, Sept. 24 in local cities

The Camas and Washougal school districts will be recognizing educators who make a difference on Sept. 24.

“Legendary Teacher Day,” will encourage citizens to contact an educator who impacted their lives in a positive way, whether through email, phone, posting notes of thanks on either of the two district’s Facebook pages, or with Twitter using #teachlegendary.

“Most adults can remember a special teacher who made a significant difference in our lives,” said Doreen McKercher, school and community relations coordinator for the CSD. “Now is the time to honor that teacher.”

Additionally, Washougal Mayor Sean Guard and Camas Mayor Scott Higgins have declared the fourth Thursday in September as “Legendary Teacher Day.”

WSD Superintendent Mike Stromme and CSD Superintendent Mike Nerland have their own stories to share of teachers who impacted their lives.

For Stromme, it was Bill Sprinkle, his history teacher and track coach.

“As a high school sophomore, I broke my foot while running. Bill went out of this way to find an old 10-speed bike and helped me figure out how to strap my foot (with cast) on the pedals, so that I could continue to train.”

Nerland fondly recalls his high school journalism teacher, Dave McFarland.

“During my last semester of my senior year I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school,” he said. “Mr. McFarland took the extra time after school, even inviting me to have dinner with his family, to discuss life after high school graduation. Through those many conversations, I realized that I wanted to become a teacher.”