Child’s curiosity sparks ‘Law Enforcement Appreciation Day’

A child’s curiosity is a magical thing.

Little ones’ endless questions are symbolic of their insatiable desire to make sense of the world around them. While the constant barrage of “Why?” and “How come?” can sometimes become exhausting for parents, thoughtful answers to all of these little questions add up over time to form the foundation for the rest of their lives.

The power of these childhood questions was recently illustrated by a little girl in Camas.

Kinley Goertler wanted to be a police officer for Halloween, however her search for a suitable costume left her discouraged. The SWAT team costume she wanted most appeared to be geared toward boys. Kinley’s questions inspired her mom, Chelsy Goertler, to vent her frustrations through Facebook.

To their delight, Kinley began receiving messages of support from women in law enforcement who proclaimed, “Girl Cops Are Awesome.” Media interviews, photo shoots, and even a “Girl Cops Are Awesome” event organized by the Vancouver Police Department, followed. And it was all inspired by one youngster’s question: “Why?”

On Monday, Kinley was honored by Camas Mayor Scott Higgins, not only for being an inspiration but for her support of and respect for law enforcement officers — men and women — and the difficult job they do every day.

In proclaiming Sept. 21, 2015, “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” Higgins said: “We salute Kinley Goertler for her bravery, as well as our very own extraordinary men and women in blue who daily protect our workplaces, roadways, homes and schools.”