CHS student named to all-national ensemble

Isaac Hodapp has won prestigious honor three years in a row

When Isaac Hodapp returns to the stage at the Grand Ole Opry Theater, it will be the third year in a row he has been selected.

The Camas High School senior plays trumpet and is one of a few students in the nation to have made the cut for the All-National Honor Ensemble three times.

“This year I am looking forward to the same type of experience that I had last year and the year before that,” he said. “The environment of music and the spectacular location make it a truly unforgettable event. I am also looking forward to more music in general, seeing as how the concert band has more songs than it did last year.”

Hodapp was one of 140 musicians across the United States selected for the national concert band, which will perform at the famed Nashville theater on Wednesday, Oct. 28, to cap off NAfME National In-Service Conference.

Thousands of students audition for the band, and to do so, each must have previously won a spot in either the All-State group or All-Northwest group from their specific region of the country.

“The main highlights of last year were the amazing music and directors that I was able to have contact with,” Hodapp said. “It was an extreme honor to be able to talk with such prestigious music directors, both in orchestra and band. The music was also absolutely fantastic, having both variations on classic songs like ‘Simple Gifts’ to new pieces that gained their debut at the concert.”

Hodapp has been playing trumpet since fifth-grade. He enjoys expressing himself through music and practices an average of 11 hours per week.

He takes weekly private lessons in Salem, Oregon, from Jaimie Hall.

Hodapp has also been a member of the Jazz Ensemble at CHS.

Both of Hodapp’s parents are also heavily involved in the music world. His mother, Jeannette, is the music educator at Skamania School. His father, Philip, just resigned his position as director of school services at Beacock Music after 16 years to become the director of development for the Brian Grant Foundation. He is still an active saxophone and clarinet player.

In addition to performing with the All-National Honor Ensemble, Hodapp also auditioned for and was named a High School All-American. The U.S. Army Field Band will travel to a school assembly at CHS on Oct. 13 to present the honor.

He is the only musician out of thousands who auditioned to be chosen from the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota regions.

On Jan. 4, Hodapp will travel to San Antonio to practice with and perform with other All-Americans and the U.S. Army Field Band, culminating in being the halftime show band at the All-American Bowl on Jan. 9.