Volunteers will clean up Lacamas Lake

Work will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday

Volunteers of all ages are needed for the annual Lacamas Lake Cleanup, scheduled for Saturday morning.

Organized by Underwriters Laboratories and other area businesses and non-profit organizations, the effort will begin at 9 a.m. Volunteers should meet at the Heritage Park boat launch on Northwest Lake Road, to help pick up litter and debris from around the lake and surrounding trails.

Gloves, garbage bags and maps will be provided. Participants should wear waterproof boots.

Refreshments, including water, coffee and food, will be served and prizes will be awarded.

The cleanup is scheduled each year to coincide with the lake’s draw-down, which this year was delayed by two weeks. It was an action by Georgia-Pacific officials that came as a result of a request from city of Camas leaders. The additional time allowed recreational users of the lake to take advantage of what is traditionally relatively warm September weather.

Historically, Georgia-Pacific begins drawing down the lake’s water levels after Labor Day to facilitate the annual mechanical and surficial inspections of the upper and lower dams, and provide time to conduct any necessary maintenance. This year, however, that effort started Sept. 21.

During the draw-down, water levels reduce by approximately 6 feet to the 5-foot level.

Inspections and maintenance work are underway, said G-P Spokeswoman Kristi Ward. The process of re-filling the lake is expected to begin early next week, and take several weeks to complete.

The Lacamas Lake Cleanup began as a grass roots effort nearly 20 years ago by the Lacamas Shores Homeowners Association. Boaters and trail walkers would pick up litter around the lake, but there had previously not been a day devoted to cleaning up the lake.

Over the years, the effort has grown to become a community wide event. Typically more than 150 people turn out, collecting garbage ranging from bottles and cans to carpet, barrels, boat propellers and tires.

For more information, visit www.lacamaslakecleanup.com, call 817-5653 or email info@lacamaslakecleanup.com. Liability forms, required of all participants, are available on the website.