Local teams perform well at Science Olympiad

C-W schools will compete in state contest

Local students are excited about the competition ahead after finding success at the regional Science Olympiad at Lower Columbia College in March.

Teams from Camas High School, Liberty Middle School, Skyridge Middle School and Washougal High School will all send competitors to the state meet on Saturday, April 16 in Cheney.

“It was a great day for Camas,” said Matthew Chase, CHS head coach. “The team has been working very hard this year to perform at their greatest potential.”

He noted that fellow coaches Jillmarie Holscher, Jeff Thomas and Heather Mulligan and team members have put together great strategies to succeed in all events.

“I am very proud of everyone’s performance at the regional tournament and I look forward to seeing them step it up for State in a couple weeks,” he said.

Although the Papermakers have had successful Science Olympiad teams for several years, it is the first year the Panthers have brought home a trophy. Additionally, everyone on the WHS team medaled in their events.

“They really worked hard and it showed,” said coach Pam Crockford. “It was a great day to be a Panther. I love the passion these kids have for learning and working together as a team. This is our third year as a team and bringing home our first trophy from the regional competition was very exciting. I am very grateful for all the support we get from the high school, school district and community.”


First place: Protein Modeling, Emma Hein, Abigail Fraught and John Billington; Game On, Evan Whitmeyer, John Billington; Invasive Species, Meri and Levi Collins; Geologic Mapping, Paula Perez, Abigail Fraught; Bridge Building: Sierah Cain, Mikayla Johnson

Second place: Astronomy, Meri Collins, Mikayla Johnson; Experimental Design, Sierah Cain, Mikayla Johnson and Meri Collins; Wright Stuff (Airplane), Lydia Lyall, Abigail Fraught.

Third place: Chemistry Lab, Matt Hickey, Abigail Fraught; Dynamic Planet, Meri Collins, Levi Collins; Fossils, Emma Hein, JJ Collins; It’s About Time, Rebekah Muir, Levi Collins.

Fourth place: Disease Detectives, Rebekah Muir, Levi Collins; Forensics, Matt Hickey, Lydia Lyall; Hydrogeology, Levi Collins, Evan Whitmeyer; Air Trajectory, Lydia Lyall, Austin Ryf; Electric Vehicle, Evan Whitmeyer, Paula Perez.


Black team

First place: Chemistry Lab, Chemay Shola, Kathy Chen; Green Generation, Jason Kim, Melody Hollar; Anatomy and Physiology, Calvin Taylor, Chemay Shola; Disease Detectives, Rachel Duquettem, Noah Thompson; Experimental Design, Calvin Taylor, Bella Alexander, Melody Hollar; Hydrogeology, Maia Kawamura, Yeh Seo Jung; Cell Biology, Calvin Taylor, Rachel Duquette; It’s About Time, Kurtis Shibata, Jason Kim; Wright Stuff, Ashley Teng, Josh Randolph; Astronomy, Jason Kim, Kathy Chen.

Second place: Wind Power, Kurtis Shibata, Bella Alexander; Fossils, Melody Hollar, Brody Lukens; GeoLogic Mapping, Jason Kim, Maia Kawamura; Invasive Species, Calvin Taylor, Rachel Duquette; Protein Modeling, Noah Thompson, Chemay Shola, Josh Randolph; Bridge Building, Bella Alexander, Ashley Teng; Robot Arm, Kurtis Shibata, Brody Lukens.

Fourth place: Dynamic Planet, Maia Kawamura, Yeh Seo Jung.

Red team

First place: Wind Power, Devin Boehlke, Ashe Ellis; Dynamic Planet, Sarah Wells-Moran, Devin Boehlke; Fossils, Luke Lambert, Phoebus Tsai;

Second place: Chemistry Lab Mady Scherwinski Lydia Yu; Game On Rahul Ram Nathaniel Maszak; Disease Detectives Rahul Ram Shile Wen; Electric Vehicle Devin Boehlke Tenzin Gyalnub.

Third place: Anatomy and Physiology, Rahul Ram, Lydia Yu; Hydrogeology, Sarah Wells-Moran, Devin Boehlke.

Fourth place: Green Generation, Jason Liu, Shile Wen; GeoLogic Mapping, Sarah Wells-Moran, Devin Boehlke; Invasive Species, Luke Lambert, Ashe Ellis; Robot Arm, Tenzin Gyalnub, Nathaniel Maszak.

White team

Second place: Green Generation, Abigail Jiang, Monica Chang; Forensics, Daniel Fan, Jaclyn Bautista; Dynamic Planet, Quan Ho Aaron Le; Air Trajectory, Daniel Fan, Brian Wang; It’s About Time, Angela Xu, Monica Chang.

Third place: Wind Power, Abigail Jiang, Shannon Wells-Moran; Disease Detectives, Monica Chang, Abigail Jiang.

Fourth place: Fossils, Shannon Wells-Moran, Zachary Lyman; Wright Stuff, Brian Wang, Aaron Le.

Jedi Team

Fourth place: Wind Power, Branigan Kerls.