Letters to the Editor for Aug. 25, 2016

Cell tower approval is unbelievable

I cannot believe that Hearing Examiner Joe Turner actually approved a 175-foot tall cell tower for the top of Camas’ Prune Hill. Can’t believe it.

I have no idea where Joe Turner lives — but I am willing to bet that he won’t be able to see that ugly tower from his house.

This is a victory for two big companies, Freewire and T-Mobile, who must be feeling pretty smug right now. Interesting that Joe Turner can forget about health effects, ugliness, and destruction of property values on Prune Hill, isn’t it?

This is wrong. Where was our mayor in all of this?

Ron McKnight, Camas

Washougal should research roundabout alternatives

I understand that the Washougal City Council has authorized city funds and staff time to explore whether an island traffic circle, commonly called a roundabout, should be constructed on state Route 14 at 32nd Avenue as the only option that would enable truck traffic leaving the Port of Camas-Washopugal to proceed west on Highway 14.

I have continually suggested to council and mayor that constructing a westbound ramp to Highway 14 from 27th Avenue should also be considered. This would eliminate the majority of construction delays on Highway 14, as opposed to a roundabout being built on the highway itself causing numerous delays and the potential increase of accidents.

The cost of a westbound on-ramp would be comparable to the 150-foot minimum diameter roundabout needed to accommodate the 135 foot long semi-trucks leaving the port.

Between 2006 to 2009, Mayor Stacee Sellers spent almost $70,000 and used 400 to 500 hours of staff time to have two roundabouts on Highway 14 at 15th and 32nd streets added to Washougal’s six-year transportation plan. In 2011, the Washougal City Council voted 4-3 to remove the two roundabouts to said plan to which Mayor Sean Guard objected. Mayor Guard continues to persist in promoting roundabouts. I fail to understand why, even though, in my opinion, it should be the duty and responsibility of a mayor to explore all possible options without any bias.

Remember, it’s taxpayer money you have spent to explore, in depth, one option only. It is my contention that the council should consider a minimum of two viable options using cost, best traffic flow, creation of the fewest delays and the least potential accidents as the determining criteria in reaching a final choice. This is the best approach to reach the ultimate goal of creating a safe and efficient route for all trucks leaving the port to go west on Highway 14.

For the council not to approve the monies and staff time to research this alternative would be a disservice to the citizens of Washougal and the thousands of drivers that use Highway 14 on a daily basis.

Harvey D. Olson, Washougal

Clark County needs Quiring

Each vote counts. Each vote for a candidate representing local citizens, our Constitutional rights, and moral sanity is critical.

Eileen Quiring, running for County Councilor in District 4, is a strong advocate for property rights and limited and responsible government.

There are those running for councilor positions who do not hold those values, but are advocates for highly restrictive zoning and population and food controls that have already been passed by a split vote of our present council. Every citizen in Clark County will soon feel the direct effect of the so-called “2016 Clark County Comprehensive Plan” that was passed this June and locks up properties in rural Clark County for another 20 years.

In addition, what began as zoning ordinances has evolved into a socialistic, government makeover and takeover of personal property rights and progressive restrictions of where to live and what to grow.

Quiring, a Republican, is a breath of fresh air in the present political atmosphere. Eileen served the people of Oregon both as a representative and in the senate as a senate whip. She has a wealth of experience, integrity and authority and we are most fortunate to have had her return to her roots in Clark County.

Standing strong as a citizen’s advocate is something Eileen can do. We need her, and she needs our conservative votes.

Loretta J. Steele, Camas