Board to review growth plan proposal in public hearing Feb. 16

Hearing on proposed rural zoning corrections also moved to Tuesday morning

The Board of County Councilors will hold a public hearing Feb. 16 at 10 a.m. to reconsider the “preferred alternative” for the next growth management plan, at the Public Service Center,1300 Franklin St.

On Nov. 24, the Board adopted a preferred alternative for an environmental impact analysis, which must be completed before a plan is adopted. The Feb. 16 hearing could prompt changes in the preferred alternative.

Meanwhile, the Board has moved a related hearing previously scheduled for Jan. 19 to Feb. 16, also at 10 a.m. The focus will be a proposed rural zoning map adopted on Nov. 24. County planners have recommended changes to correct map errors and omissions if the map remains within the preferred alternative.

This planning process began in 2013 to comply with state requirements. Details and documentation are on the county website: