Letter to the editor for July 5, 2016

Port cannot endorse candidates

Another election season, and we have another deception at the Port of Camas-Washougal’s Grove Field Airport.

This year, if you travel in the Fern Prairie area, you will see a sign for Eileen Quiring at the end of the airport’s taxiway. It sure looks like the¬†Port is endorsing Quiring. In reality, the Port cannot endorse any candidate, or even allow campaign signs on Port property. This sign is on a strip of land leased by the Port from the property owner to the north.

This property owner has about 600 feet of frontage along the highway at this location. But each election season he chooses to place his signs at the very end, and inside the airport fence, where it appears to be associated with the airport, and not his home.

In years past, the Port has asked him not to place his signs there, as they obviously imply an endorsement that the Port does not make. Citing his property and free speech rights, he insists on continuing with these deceptions.

So, when you see this sign supporting Quiring, realize that someone is trying to fool you.

Richard Hamby,  Washougal