Students contribute on a personal level to school

Kyra Seggewiss

Ellie McCarty

Eighth-graders Kyra Seggewiss and Ellie McCarty have been named as Warren Award winners for the 2015-16 school year.

Skyridge Middle School recognizes several students each year who have contributed on a personal level to the school and its students. These awards are presented in conjunction with the Jack, Will and Rob Center Sustaining Fund and the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.

Seggewiss is the recipient of the Good Will Award.

“As an eighth-grader, Kyra always goes above and beyond to make sure all students are included,” a press release stated. “She is a member of ASB, a dedicated student and always does her best. She is always on the lookout for lending a helping hand, whether it is a student in the hall, a teacher, or the custodian in the lunch room.”

The press release noted that as an athlete, Seggewiss looks out for others.

“If you had the opportunity to watch Kyra during crosscountry meets, you may have seen her stop her run to help opponents who have fallen or who are having a hard time getting up the hill,” the press release stated.

McCarty is the recipient of the the Jackson Leadership Award.

“Ellie is a kind-hearted, compassionate friend to all,” the release stated. “She has built meaningful relationships with both students and staff, and is a fearless leader who stands by her convictions. Ellie completed the second year in ASB where she has directly affected the positive outcome of many initiatives.”

It continued, “Ellie has put a system and program together which recognizes a wide variety of students who help to ensure that all students matter.”