Letters to the Editor for July 19, 2016

Vote for McDaniel

I am thrilled to support Jennifer McDaniel for Clark County Council, District 4.

As a resident of Camas, I am confident Jennifer is the best candidate to represent our district. She is solution-oriented. She is open and transparent. More, she is enthusiastic and serves because she possesses a genuine care for our community and all of its citizens.

Jennifer will bring a broad range of knowledge to our council on current issues. She is well versed in area transportation issues, and has balanced government budgets. As evidenced by the list of supporters on her website, Jennifer has allies and friends from “both sides of the aisle” and knows how to work to get the job done (rather than how to work to promulgate in-fighting).

Jennifer McDaniel is the person we need on Clark County Council.

Deanna Rusch, Camas

McDaniel and Blom can handle the job

As opposing candidates in last year’s District 2 County Council election, our focus was to ensure that our district was represented by someone who collaborates, builds partnerships, had experience in decision-making, and weighs the facts as part of making important decisions.

This year, we agree that there are two candidates who best represent these important governance values. We strongly encourage your vote for John Blom in District 3, and Jennifer McDaniel in District 4, in the upcoming August primary. With Jennifer and John aboard, the Clark County Council will be well-equipped to carry Clark County forward for years to come.

Julie Olson( R) and Chuck Green (D)

McDaniel is a collaborator

Jennifer McDaniel is an experienced and trusted community leader who has demonstrated that she has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be our first District 4 Clark County Councilor.

During her almost eight years as a City of Washougal council-member, she has served its citizens admirably through the recession, effectively handling a growing community, while maintaining the quality of life that east county enjoys.

Jennifer’s well-known for her willingness to listen, gather facts and ask the “hard” questions. As a fiscal conservative, Jennifer does her homework and thoughtfully considers all points of view, then collaborates for the right solution.

As a 19-plus year Camas City Council member I strongly encourage you to check the facts, then join me in voting Jennifer McDaniel for Clark County Council, District 4. She will do a good job.

Greg Anderson, Camas

Fighting for what’s right

A young democrat of Clark County was promoting Jim Moeller, a Democratic National Committee funded candidate for congress in Southwest Washington’s Third Congressional District primary.

A person responded asking, “how does the cool-aid taste?” The young democrat responded with, “I am drinking cold hard reality, it will take money and connections to beat the incumbent republican.”

My response was, you speak of not drinking the cool-aid, but rather drinking cold-hard reality. If that is truly the case then you know that probably the most serious problem facing the country is the corporate tyranny, control the elite have over our government, media, and therefore the public (your) perception of reality.

You are saying exactly what the establishment wants you to say. You know what wins elections? Votes.

If everyone that wanted to change this broken system told everyone they know that David McDevitt is funded by the people and that Jim Moeller is funded by the DNC, then we would get behind the right candidate.

I’m tired of being played for a fool with their illusion of choice. Both sides of the aisle are controlled by the same people. Each election cycle we hear fake candidates talk about how they want to help the middle class and lower class, only to get into office and do the bidding of the elite, the only thing both parties agree on.

A great example is Obama’s election platform of taxing the elite at the same rate as everyone else, only to sign into law even more tax breaks for the 1 percent. We are being played and it is up to us to make sure we elect people that are going to fight this corruption not contribute to it.

David McDevitt will work to stop TPP and other ploys that only damage the middle class.

Eli Galvan II, Ridgefield