DCA organizes bronze bird tour fundraiser

A GoFundMe account has been created

Leaders with the Downtown Camas Association are looking to introduce a Hidden Bronze Bird Tour to the area, and they are seeking the community’s help to fund it.

Plans for the tour include placing a bronze bird on each of block on Fourth and Fifth avenues, encouraging people to stroll through and explore downtown.

The birds, a total of 12, will be different types and sizes. They will include a woodpecker, a dove, wrens, nuthatches, ducks, chickens, chicks, a stellar jay, a crow, and an owl.

The sculptures will be made by Whidbey Island based artist Georgia Gerber. She created a bronze springer spaniel that was unveiled in April 2015 in the courtyard in front of the Liberty Theatre. Through a public voting process, it was named Millie.

To purchase the bronze birds, a total of $15,000 needs to be raised. A GoFundMe account has been created to support the project. More than $2,000 has been contributed so far.

According to organizers, a bronze tour will benefit downtown by providing interactive family-friendly activities for downtown visitors that can be done anytime, even when shops are closed; encouraging art appreciation; and attracting people to the shopping district.

Once purchased, the birds will be professionally installed by the City of Camas.

“Creating reasons to spend time together and enjoy the heart of our city, while encouraging our arts culture, helps to bring sustainable vitality to our community and provides an enjoyable sense of place for both locals and visitors alike,” the GoFundMe page states. “And it will be fun.”