Letters to the Editor for Oct. 27, 2016

Quiring is a better choice for County Council

In the Post-Record report on the Clark County Council race (Oct. 20), candidates were asked about light rail.

Eileen Quiring noted voters had rejected light rail, and she would honor that. Roman Battan ignored the votes and said, “if it is affordable, he thinks there should be light rail service extension from Portland to Vancouver or at the very least build the infrastructure [for light rail] for a later addition.”

In 2012, C-Tran held a vote on light rail, which voters rejected in every city in Clark County. In a 2013 county-wide advisory vote, light rail was rejected again. In complete disregard of the votes, the C-Tran board majority voted for a light rail contract. (Camas-Washougal C-Tran member Connie Jo Freeman, and County Councilors David Madore and Tom Mielke did not approve the light rail contract.) At about $220 million per mile to build gold plated light rail, plus operations and maintenance, it is not affordable compared to buses.

At a forum, Quiring supported property rights, including building a small house on a property for aging family members. Battan disapproved of this idea. A one-bedroom independent apartment at a senior facility often ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 per month, with costs skyrocketing if care is needed. Land use options like a granny pod should be encouraged.

Quiring’s attitude and experience as a state legislator, real estate broker, appraiser, and business owner are a better choice for Clark County Council.

Margaret Tweet, Camas

Washougal councilman reveals his choices

I’ve served on the non-partisan Washougal City Council over nine years, so as to “D” or “R,” I’m neither and both. I have gotten to know many of our elected officials and candidates.

County Council Fourth District: Roman Battan (D) will move us forward with intelligence, commitment to community, and calm willingness to work well with others. I support Battan. Eileen Quiring (R), while on Clark County Planning Commission, has been divisive (some say abusive). She’s closely associated with Madore and Mielke; we need to put that behind us.

18th Distirct: Senator Ann Rivers (R), has done a worthy job; I support her re-election.

For Representative District 18, Position 2, I support Kathy Gillespie (D) over Liz Pike. Rep. Pike became such a poster-child for nay-saying that she can only advocate against, and not for, our district. I may not always agree with Gillespie, but she does work well with others and will advance our interests.

17th District: Rep. Paul Harris (R) is outstanding.

14th District: Sen. King (R) and Representative Norm Johnson (R) are outstanding. They bring rare understanding of the needs and challenges of local government.

Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Greenlee, Washougal

Vote Moeller for a change

The Columbian on Oct. 2, endorsed Herrera Beutler. I am not sure how the editors can with a straight face say Herrera Beutler “can help create a Congress that functions for the benefit of the people.”

She has to start with showing up to vote. She has the worse voting record in the history of any Washington State Legislator. She also does not hold open town hall meetings that I can attend to let her know the issues that my neighbors and I find most concerning.

It is time for a change, and Jim Moeller is primed and ready with over 20 years in public service. He has not missed one vote and listens to his constituents. He is willing to take on the tough issues as he showed when he wrote a bill to ban assault rifles and high capacity clips versus Herrera Beutler who continues to take money from the NRA and follows their directives.

Sorry Columbian, you got it wrong this time. Vote for Moeller for a needed change in Congress.

Jane Wageman, Camas

Proud to support Pike

I’m proud to support Liz Pike. She’s the most responsive elected official I’ve encountered.

Liz returns phone calls and emails from constituents asking for help. She’s always willing to meet with citizens, offering fresh ideas and solutions to solve problems. Liz knows how to get the job done.

Liz is a positive force in our community. She rolls up her sleeves to work for us with a smile on her face.

We need more strong leaders like Liz; standing up to improve our quality of life for our families and protecting us from bigger and more costly government. Vote Liz.

Cathy Bergen, Vancouver

BIA president backs Pike

As President of the Building Industry Association of Clark County, I’m proud to stand with Rep. Liz Pike in her House re-election. I’ve known Liz for 15 years and I couldn’t’ be more proud of her leadership.

She is heartily endorsed by our organization because of her strong support of building trades jobs. Liz has and always will be a pro-business and pro-family wage jobs legislator. She’s led the charge on several important bills to protect our industry from more unnecessary rules and regulations.

Voting for Liz will be the easiest decision on my ballot.

Tracy Doriot, President, Building Industry of Clark Co.