Letters to the Editor for Sept. 29, 2016

Not impressed by Trump

In my opinion, watching the presidential debate gave us a clear vision of how Trump performs during debates. If elected, would he perform that way in discussions and/or negotiations with other countries? If he were to be directly involved in such discussions, there are some (and maybe a lot) of foreign county leaders that would quickly tire of him butting in when they were talking.

For instance, how might the leader of North Korea react to him butting in all the time? I think such conduct could cause a massive failure of that discussion or negotiating effort. If North Korea becomes successful in building missiles that could reach the United States and if Trump angered the North Korean leader too much with his butting in, would the North Korean leader just walk away and go launch some missiles that might hit our country to “teach Donald” not to butt in? We all better think about that, especially Mr. Trump.

I have not yet decided who I will vote for president, but Trump’s performance at the debate left me totally unimpressed with him. (And yes, Mrs. Clinton also did a few things at the debate that I was not impressed with.)

Jim Fisher, Camas

Highway 14 needs an overpass, not roundabouts

I have a comment to a letter from Harvey Olsen published in the Aug. 25 issue of the Post-Record, regarding roundabouts.

I agree council needs to check into other options than roundabouts, which are too confusing. It would be less confusing if an overpass were constructed like at 192nd and Brady Road, off of Highway 14. The ugly bright yellow sticks that you see when entering or exiting Highway 14 at 32nd are ridiculous.

I feel this method is a much more efficient and safer system.

Betty Egger, Washougal

Washougal councilwoman clarifies vote on retail marijuana ban

I recently received a letter admonishing me for my vote “against” the other members of the Washougal City Council on the vote to ban marijuana retail sales, growth or production in Washougal. I have answered their letter in detail and want to share it with you as I know there is concern about a retail marijuana store in our community.

“I received your letter this morning and want to answer you as to why I voted as I did. I do not feel that I voted against the majority of the council, I voted differently.

Marijuana is being sold illegally in our community. It is readily available to people of all ages, and when someone is selling it illegally, they don’t have to care how old the person is. It is illegal to buy or sell marijuana in Washougal, so both the seller and buyer are criminals.

I have felt since the inception of legalized marijuana in our state that only by selling it in licensed stores can the black market by controlled. That has been true with alcohol.

I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I understand family values and have seen the children in my family, of all ages, find their way through the difficult times of youth and making choices. This is not an issue I take lightly. I am also seeing an older generation trying to find relief from serious medical issues and pain using marijuana products with some success.

The ban on marijuana in Washougal is only effective until this, or a future council decides differently. It is not permanent.

As a side issue, the fact is that this council is trying to find the revenue to build a community center. We don’t have the funds, we don’t have the funds to build another bridge across the railroad tracks and it is important to fund our police department. Sales tax from marijuana sales are not being paid by the lucrative black market and legal sales taxes are going to Vancouver or North Bonneville. This is revenue we could use.

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your thoughts and concern for our community. I do believe in healthy community values and know that those values begin at home with the family. It is not the job of government to define or dictate family values. It is my job as a city counselor to provide a safe city, clean drinking water, sewage treatment, safe well maintained parks and streets, a consolidated fire department and excellent emergency services. My role in the city is not just one issue.

I care about Washougal very, very much. I worry about our children and their families. I am concerned that so many don’t have adequate food. I worry that there are not enough jobs locally and our public transportation service is not as good as it should be for people to get to higher level learning or jobs in other cities. I could just go on and on.

My vote was not because I don’t care. Washougal is my home. It was because I do care and want to see the illegal sales stop, period.”

Joyce Lindsay, Washougal