Letters to the Editor for Jan. 12, 2017

Vote ‘yes’ for Camas schools

I whole-heartedly support the two replacement levies for the Camas School District that will appear on the Feb. 14 ballot.

I came to Camas for the fantastic schools (Didn’t you?). That was 11 years ago, and today I’d make the same choice for all the same reasons: teachers with enthusiasm and experience, schools filled with materials and resources for learning at every level, exciting opportunities beyond the academic day, and capable professionals to keep our kids safe, healthy and supported.

Take a look at the list of things that our local Camas levies fund, and you’ll see more than a few similarities. The positive impact of our levies include: Staff for smaller class sizes; textbooks and curriculum materials; security staff and resource officer; all sports and extracurricular activities; library staff and materials; health room staff and programs; AP, Hi-Cap and accelerated programs; special education staff and materials; technology support staff; professional development; and grounds, maintenance and utilities.

Without a doubt, our local Camas levies are essential for bridging the gap between state funding and the school district’s basic educational needs. What’s more, the maintenance and operations levy and the technology levy are not new taxes; they would replace two levies expiring this year, with a slight increase to cover rising costs.

To maintain the high quality of all Camas schools, which I truly believe are the heart of our tremendous Camas community, I hope you’ll join me in voting “yes,” on Feb 14.

For more information, visit voteyescamas.org, find us on Facebook under votecamasschools, or follow us on Twitter @voteyescamas.

Alicia Brazington, Camas Citizens for Quality Schools

Help the Camas School District continue its tradition

Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen the “Vote Camas Schools” signs around town. I imagine several of you think: didn’t we just vote not too long ago on a school tax measure? The answer is yes, but that was a special bond vote for new buildings and infrastructure for our growing district. This vote is different because it focuses on a “replacement” levy for maintenance, operations and technology. Most importantly it is definitely not a new tax. So why should we care about this ongoing levy funding?

As a retired school administrator I know that these are the life-blood dollars that keep our schools running on a daily basis. They pay for textbooks and curriculum, provide funding to maintain and clean our buildings and grounds, keep sports teams, the band and all extracurricular activities out front for our proud patrons. They also assure access to updated technology and lower class sizes. Simply put, the levy assures the “quality” and access that we’ve come to expect in Camas educational programs. Without levy dollars, our schools and programs would quickly wither.

Those of us who’ve lived here for a long time, know that the Camas “tradition of quality and caring” is something that didn’t emerge by chance. It exists because of longstanding community support of children. Please join me in insuring that this track record of support for Camas kids continues. Vote “yes” to replace the levy on Feb. 14.

Tanis Knight, Retired Camas assistant superintendent

Levy dollars are critical to Washougal schools

Washougal voters will be asked to pass a replacement levy on the upcoming Feb. 14 ballot. This is not a new tax, and there is no increase to the rate.

Please vote “yes” in order to continue community support of quality education for our Washougal students. Levy dollars make up a critical 20 percent of the district budget. Without these funds, many services and programs in the areas of instructional support, athletics, health and safety and improvements in technology would be lost.

We have so much to be proud of in Washougal schools with amazing faculty and staff preparing students for success. Vote “yes” so they can continue their good work and have the tools necessary to provide our kids the future they deserve.

Find more information at washougal4schools.org.

Rene’ Carroll, Washougal Citizens for Schools Committee Member