Letters to the Editor for Oct. 19, 2017

Councilor: Last thing Washougal needs is ‘David Madore protege’

I sit with Dan Coursey on the Washougal City Council. He has been a member not quite two years. I urge every one of you who thinks they might vote for Dan, to please go to the Washougal city website and watch the videos of our council meetings. You will see that Dan has shown no leadership or problem solving skills while serving with this council.

Dan Coursey is not qualified to take on the task of running our city, nor does he have the support of the majority of the council.

Washougal needs stable, responsible leadership. Molly Coston has a proven record of stepping up for Washougal. She has been endorsed by community leaders, the East County Professional Fire Fighters (union) and four members of the city council.

Dan has constantly voted against the utility assistance program that was created by the council to help people in our city that needed one time help with their utility bill. The funding for this program comes from the late payment fees collected, not directly from any taxes that you’ve paid.

We do not have a current council representative to the Washougal School Board as Dan refused the position because he said he didn’t like kids. Currently, three of us rotate this position.

We taxpayers saw and are still paying the price for the bedlam David Madore caused as Clark County Commission chair. Why is this relevant? Dan has received most of his campaign contributions from David Madore and his friends that do not live within Washougal city limits. The last thing Washougal needs is a protege of his doing the same as mayor of Washougal.

Please cast your vote carefully. The quality of Washougal’s future is at stake.

I wholeheartedly endorse Molly Coston for mayor of Washougal.

Washougal City Councilwoman Joyce Lindsay, Washougal

Molly Coston is honest, best choice for Washougal mayor

What has happened to the “Molly Coston for Washougal Mayor” signs I used to see everywhere around Washougal? Many of them have disappeared. Some have been replaced by those who support her, however, it is costly to do so. I have noticed that the signs for the guy running against Molly never disappear.

I’m no Sherlock, but I’m guessing someone who supports Molly’s opponent is responsible for taking down Molly’s signs. I think those people might read the letters to the editor section of The Post-Record, so, to the thief who is stealing Molly’s signs, I say: “Shame on you. Stealing is wrong. You are making your candidate look bad every time you take a sign, because, by proxy, you are representing him. I’m sure Molly’s opponent would agree stealing is wrong.”

I’m voting for Molly because she has proven her loyalty and dedication to the city of Washougal. She is honest and hard working. She will be a positive voice for the people of Washougal.

Betty Cooper, Washougal

You can’t put price on quick EMS service

I live in Camas. Nevertheless, my sudden brain hemorrhage occurred while I was in Washougal. I understand that EMS arrived within five minutes of the call and got me packed up and on my way to the medical center within a very few minutes more. Can’t put a price on that! May it never be you or anyone you love. But if it ever is, no price is too high to pay for the life-saving care you need.

Joyce Batten, Camas

Congresswoman should join GOP reps, ask for DACA extension

I posed a question to Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler earlier this month: Why did she not join with Northwest Congressional representatives to request that the Department of Homeland Security extend a renewal deadline for DACA recipients from Oct. 5 to Jan. 15?

Fellow Republicans Representatives Dan Newhouse and Dave Reichert joined in this bipartisan request.

As is common when asking a question of Rep. Herrera Beutler, the only reply I received was a form letter. It was actually a copy of the identical DACA form letter her office sent me the month before in reply to another email.

The representative says in her form letters that we “can provide assurances to DACA recipients in Southwest Washington who have done nothing wrong that we understand their plight and that they can build a future here in the only country that many of them have ever known.”

If indeed, DACA recipients have done “nothing wrong,” why not at least try to give them a reasonable time to apply for renewal and raise the $495 application fee?

I applaud Republican Reps. Newhouse and Reichert, and Democratic representatives from Washington and Oregon who joined in the request for extension. They demonstrated that they “understand the plight” of DACA recipients, and they had the political courage to do something about it.

Judy Zeider, Battle Ground