Letter to the Editor for Jan. 18, 2018

Third bridge plan needed today

The Interstate 5 (I-5) bridge was built for I-5 traffic many years ago. The Interstate 205 (I-205) bridge was built for I-205 traffic years ago.

Now, we can’t take these two bridges and make them big enough for today’s traffic by widening them, can we? What we can do is build a new bridge or two to accommodate our future traffic needs.

Will our population stop growing? No. Will traffic get worse? Yes.

Where do we go from here?

We start with federal infrastructure funds with public and private investment. We build a new bridge at 192nd Avenue south to Interstate 84 (I-84), north to Battle Ground to loop around to I-5 at Woodland or Longview.

It will take more than five years before this will be opened. Why are we waiting?

The governors of Washington and Oregon both got elected to solve this problem. Because both of you are Democrats and we have a Republican president — why are you punishing your people, both Democrats and Republicans? We the people need traffic relief now. Do we elect Republicans in the next election, so you will all work together to get us civilians relief? It is our tax money that is paying you to get this done.

Adam Kluka, Camas