Letters to the Editor for May 31, 2018

Reader responds to Post-Record editorial

(In response to “Moving past divisive politics, biases is easier to see on local level” editorial on the Opinion page of the May 17, 2018 Camas-Washougal Post-Record), an effective way to heal this nation is for the local and national media to “report” both sides of an issue rather than promote their own bias and political agenda.

Mickie Hoff, Camas

Fire dangers in rural areas too great a risk

I live in Washougal in the rural county and have for 40 years, I also own a horse boarding facility in Washougal. There should be NO fireworks allowed in the rural county due to the fire dangers. The trees here are 80 feet tall; also the open hay fields add to the fire risk. Every year, the fireworks are hundereds of feet in the air. Last year’s Gorge fire put us in a scary sitsuation — having to stage horse trailers and drivers to move 20 horses takes a lot of time and fire moves fast, horses and people panic. Last year, we housed seven displaced horses that had to evacuate at 1 a.m., from Franz Road. I love the Fourth of July. I would encourage and welcome the change.

LeAnn Hunter, Washougal