Letters to Editor for Oct. 10, 2017

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Cassi Marshall for Port Commission

I highly recommend Cassi Marshall as our next Port of Camas-Washougal commissioner. I first met Cassi through the city of Camas Parks Commission. I was chair of this group when she was appointed in 2010. When you work with Cassi, it is immediately evident that she cares deeply about our community, and that she’s willing to contribute her time, energy and effort to make it better for us all. She has volunteered countless hours over the years, creating public outreach like the Trails Challenge and organizing the Camas Ivy League, a long-term volunteer program in which members have removed invasive English ivy from thousands of local trees over the past three years. For this work and more, Cassi was recently awarded a Parks Foundation of Clark County Florence B. Wager award.

Cassi is energetic and effective. I know her to be a creative, collaborative thinker who respects the input and ideas of others. These qualities have served her well on the Parks Commission and will be a valuable asset to the Port Commission.

Chamber of Commerce business has given me the opportunity to interact with Cassi regularly through the Washougal School District, where she worked for many years, as well. She is

responsive, takes initiative and always follows through with thoroughness and high-quality work — more traits that will serve the Port well.

My family has lived in Camas for generations. I value the quality of life that our East County

provides and would like to see it preserved for my children — and now my grandchildren. I’m confident that Cassi will work to accomplish this. Please join me in voting for her in this upcoming election.

Brent Erickson,


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