Letters to Editor for Oct. 17, 2019

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Tweet launches write-in campaign for Camas City Council

I am running as a write-in candidate for Camas City Council, Ward 3 Position 1 to improve city decisions that affect our daily lives, including the following:

The city of Camas allows fluoride to be added to our drinking water. Washougal, Clackamas County, Portland and other cities provide fluoride-free water, allowing residents to choose which fluoride products, if any, they prefer. The city council approves water services for the city and has not addressed this issue.

The city of Camas fails to go to bid for many consultant contracts. These consultants drive public discussion and final decisions about traffic circles, taxation, land use and what projects the city will tackle. The city contracted with a public relations consultant to (in my opinion) promote the expansive Aquatic-Events Center $78 million bond Proposition 2 on the ballot. The PR firm developed a dedicated Aquatics Center website, which the city website posts about front and center at the city home page. Vital public records that used to be posted at the marketing-style Aquatic Center website disappeared in October. A formal complaint has been filed with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission about the use of public funds to promote a ballot measure.

The City requires trees to be planted in street-side strips between roads and sidewalks on some roads. When trees mature, the sidewalks crack, a tripping hazard for neighbors exists, and the property owner is responsible to repair the broken sidewalk.

Our city is wasting too much time and money to evaluate art for an island in the middle of the street between Round Lake and Lacamas Lake. Traffic and pedestrian safety is a much higher priority than bronze statues or wooden totem poles in the middle of the road. Will there be lights for pedestrian crossings between the lakes? If so, will vehicles in the planned double traffic circle at Lake Road and Everett Road be stalled by the pedestrian crossing light? For more information, see

Margaret Tweet,


Vote Cassi Marshall for Port Commission

Over the past 15 years I have had the privilege of serving on community service committees with Cassi Marshall. I love her intelligence, open mind, work ethic and collaborative spirit. You can count on Cassi to listen to others, do her homework and come to meetings prepared. She always treats other committee members, staff and citizens with respect and consideration.

Cassi has worked hard to become knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities surrounding our Camas-Washougal Port. She will focus on growing our Port in sustainable and financially responsible ways.

Cassi Marshall will bring a fresh perspective, positive energy and collaborative attitude to her service on the Camas-Washougal Port Commission.

I’m voting for Cassi and hope you will too.

Nan Henriksen,


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