Letters to Editor for Feb. 20, 2020

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Pressure on Camas principal sends wrong message to students

I am extremely disappointed in my community’s pressure on Liza Sejkora to resign from Camas High School as the result of her personal Facebook entry. What message does it send our students to see that First Amendment rights to freedom of speech only apply to noncontroversial ideas?

Men probably do not fully comprehend the pain of a sexual assault. Fortunately, today’s society now strongly condemns this behavior. It is surprising that only one voice was raised to protest the accolades being given to (a man accused of rape).

First Amendment rights should be encouraged — most particularly within the public education system.

Bill Ward,


Camas principal saga is a teachable moment for children, students

What the saga of Lisa Sejkora demonstrates is that social media platforms are public platforms. What we say to our “friends” on Facebook is out there for all to see. And we must each be prepared to take responsibility for what we say because we will be held accountable, if not publicly then in the minds of everyone who reads that post.

So what do we tell our kids? Picture yourself standing on a stage in back of a microphone. The room is full of people and you can’t see their faces because the light is on you. The moment you press “send” or “post,” you’re not in your bedroom any more.

J.H. Batten,


Background-check bill was logical, designed to ‘minimize errors’

I write to express my disappointment at the recent votes of my representatives Paul Harris and Vicki Kraft in opposition to House Bill 2467.

This bill, recommended as prudent by the state’s Office of Financial Management, would require the Washington State Patrol to establish and operate a firearms background check system to serve as a single point of contact for firearms dealers to conduct the required checks.

Currently, scores of agencies undertake this function in patchwork fashion. How can anyone dispute the logic of reposing background check functions in a single state entity to minimize errors and maximize efficiency?

Ellen Sward,


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