Letters to Editor for June 4, 2020

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Government’s slow reopening is tyranny, denying basic freedoms

Open Clark County now! In Clark County the risk of death from COVID-19 is now extremely low. We all sacrificed to achieve this. Now the government’s slow extended “phases” of recover are based on data that is not accurate. The extended shutdown has become an unconstitutional denial of our basic freedoms and has become tyranny. Governor Inslee is using “fear” as a tool to control us. The argument that is you don’t obey Inslee’s decrees then you are selfish and want people to die is absurd! By staying shut down, we are losing our natural immunities, denying children their education, causing critical financial distress for businesses and loss of income for many. People are not getting regular medical treatment because of restricted medical resources.

People are suffering from abuse, depression, alcoholism, drug use and other negative situations that are being aggravated by long-term disconnect from normal life. We can protect the elderly and those vulnerable to COVID, but the healthy people should be living normal lives and enjoying the freedoms promised to them by the Constitution.

We are intelligent enough to decide what risks we are willing to take and how to mitigate our risk of infection. Enough is enough!

Diane Child,


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