Canyon Creek Middle School rewards students on ‘100 Percent Day’

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Canyon Creek Middle School sixth-grade student Maeve Norton sings a song during a karaoke event for 100 Percent Day on Friday, March 6. (Photos by Wayne Havrelly/Post-Record)

Canyon Creek Middle School’s “100 Percent Day” is a celebration of student success.

On one day every quarter, students who have completed all of their assignments forgo their learning for a couple hours to participate in two activities of their choice. Students who do not have all of their work done use the time to catch up or get help from teachers.

The most recent event was held Friday, March 6.

“The goal of 100 Percent Day is to teach students that organization counts, and that meeting deadlines is important, and there’s a benefit to doing things on time,” said Canyon Creek Principal Sandi Christensen. “It’s a social reward for meeting expectations. It also allows us to have better communication with parents around their child’s progress.”

The event starts with a 30-minute all-school assembly, during which counselors discuss topics such as anti-bullying or time management.

The students then spill out into the hallways and either find a teacher to choose their activities or report to one of several “study halls” to complete their assignments.

Activities can include basketball, volleyball, board games, outdoor recess, sticker-making, movies and more.

A pancake feed for eighth-graders — carried over from the first years of the event, when it was held during morning hours — has also become a staple.

“We have activities all over campus,” Christensen said. “Open gym is the favorite activity. If it’s nice outside, we’ll offer a game like ‘capture the flag’ or free time. We usually have karaoke, and often we’ll have a crafting session. One of our teachers did an escape room one year. It varies, and is unique every time.”

The event has been successful, according to Christensen.

“Many times I’ve had parents tell me that their child is highly motivated by 100 Percent Day,” she said. “They want that extra time with their friends. Socializing is a big motivator for middle-schoolers. They enjoy the freedom of having the choice of something unique to do. We do have a pretty high percentage of work completion rates. (The event) serves as motivation for students to get their work done, and it shows them that it matters that they show us what they learned.”

Christensen estimated that “90 percent of the kids in study hall earn their way out” to join the fun by completing their assignments.

“I get to help sign-in students for their chosen activities, which allows me to directly congratulate each student for earning this reward,” Christensen said. “The process also helps us to identify students who may have a chronic problem, so we can get them the support they need.”

School leaders have held the event four times a year since 2014.

“It started with our leadership team,” Christensen said. “We were talking about how to recognize students who do what they’re supposed to be doing — getting their work in on time and doing quality work. We said, ‘We put a lot of time and energy into students who need intervention. Let’s spend time recognizing everyone.’ The system is fine-tuned now.”

Canyon Creek Middle School eighth-grade students are served pancakes as part of the school's 100 Percent Day event, held March 6.
Canyon Creek Middle School eighth-grade students are served pancakes as part of the school's 100 Percent Day event, held March 6. Photo