Letters to the Editor for Oct. 22, 2020

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It’s time for Carolyn Long in 3rd District

Southwest Washington, our country and planet are facing unprecedented challenges that require our immediate attention, resolve and determination. The following is just a start:

  • A health care crisis
  • Economic depression/jobs crisis
  • The decline of democracy
  • Deep divisions across society
  • Climate change (soon irreversible)

What’s crystal clear to me is that we are in a crisis and that the status quo will not help us. In fact, the status quo will only guarantee we slip further into the abyss. The current leadership in Washington D.C. has shown themselves incapable of solving these problems – and is in many ways making them worse by the day. Jamie Herrera Beutler has been a willing bystander to this decline. She has had a decade to represent Southwest Washington, and I thank her for her service.

Now is the time to put forth a problem-solver who will champion all of us and work smartly and collaboratively on these challenges and more. Carolyn Long will serve us well and make us proud.

Brandon Wick,


Reject candidates who support armed violence

Liz Pike seeks elective office as a Clark County charter review commissioner. She is on record as stating that public agencies — including the public office she now seeks? — are “powerful oppressors of the people” and that the Second Amendment protects the rights of “patriots” to rise up to protect themselves against “tyrannical government.”

Voters should reject candidates for public office who use this type of dangerous rhetoric to support the use of armed violence against our government.

Ellen Sward,


Vote Bechtel for Skamania Commission

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jeremy Bechtel for Skamania County Commissioner District 1.

An extremely important question was raised at the recent debate hosted by the League of Women Voters of Klickitat and Skamania Counties. The candidates were asked about graffiti that included some racist symbols on the Cape Horn lookout and High Bridge and if they had a plan to deal with it. The answers given were quite telling, and frankly earned Jeremy Bechtel my unwavering support. He was the ONLY candidate who denounced racism. He said “it breaks my heart” and emphasized the need to educate people with compassion and inclusion.

His opponent, on the other hand, quickly tossed the issue of racism aside, and spoke only to his concern over damage to public property. I hope we agree that there is no place for racism in Skamania County — or anywhere. Our elected officials must be quick and clear, like Jeremy Bechtel, to condemn acts of racism.

Michelle Dillon,

North Bonneville

Vote Hendricks for Skamania Commission

I voted early for Paul Hendricks for Skamania County Commissioner District 2. Paul and I have gotten to know each other these last few years through mutual friends and our kids are both in second grade at Stevenson-Carson School District. He’s a great dad and husband. Paul is the kind of guy that’ll come pour concrete on a hot summer day, or help move a piano. You know, the times when you find out who your real friends are. If he says he’s going to be there, he’s there.

Recently, a large group of parents from all over Skamania County were trying to navigate the school closures and distance-learning situation and they needed to keep their jobs at the same time. Paul organized some meetings and opened up his friend network to connect and help everybody with child care.

Paul knows the forest is important to us, but he also knows it’s important to think outside the forest. He wants to bring new jobs and industries to our area. Like myself, he wants to see good paying opportunities for our children here in Skamania County in 10 years. We also need more affordable housing and Paul has already shown leadership on this issue.

In his roles with both the county planning commission and city council, Paul participated in the creation of Accessory Dwelling Unit codes to expand the housing supply. The new ADU rules have already allowed many folks to build more living spaces on their property. We personally know one Stevenson resident who expanded to create a place for his father as well as a friend in the hospitality industry, both of whom would otherwise find it impossible to live here.

You’ve probably heard all about Paul’s qualifications: military service, public service and education. He educates himself constantly. To hear people, however, is the greatest qualification for an elected official. Just the other day I watched him listen for hours to concerns from residents here in North Bonneville.

If you want a friend and someone who will hear you in our county government, join me and vote for Paul Hendricks for Skamania County Commissioner District 2.

Tom Dillon,

Skamania County

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