Letters to the Editor for Oct. 29, 2020

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Bechtel will defend Skamania County residents, help them prosper

You can’t drive Highway 14 without your hands on the wheel. That’s why I voted for Jeremy Bechtel for Skamania County Commissioner District 1. Bechtel knows the turns, but he also looks farther down the road. What we will all see is more traffic, people, development and even big business barreling this way. 

COVID-19 side-swiped us and the smoke socked us in. Which way will the zombies approach from? Bechtel is not just going to stand by and let all this stuff crash us head-on and leave us smoldering in the ditch. 

River guide, local brewery manager and beer distributing road-warrior are some of the gigs that inform Jeremy’s approach. He wants to connect to faster internet for us independent contractors and home-teachers. He wants to get more money for us from different sources. He wants to keep our water clean so our kids don’t get cancer. He wants to preserve our rural lifestyles with intelligent solutions.

The road ahead could be rough and full of hazards. Jeremy Bechtel will take action to defend us and help us prosper. That’s why I voted for Jeremy Bechtel for Skamania County Commissioner District 1.

Tom Dillon, 

North Bonneville

Hendricks best choice for Skamania County Commissioner District 2

I am a Skamania County resident and I am writing in support of Paul Hendricks for County Commissioner District 2. We should elect Paul Hendricks for two reasons: his service record and ability to find solutions. Paul has a wealth of public service experience. He has served on the Stevenson City Council, Skamania County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Stevenson Planning Commission, and the Skamania County Planning Commission. His educational background is in environmental management, economics, and business administration. This service record and educational background are a great set of skills for a county commissioner. Paul also knows how to compromise and he is willing to listen to ideas and move towards a consensus. In these times where there seems to be only “two sides” we need folks that are willing to find common ground to move forward. Paul is that person and he’ll be a great asset to Skamania County. Please vote for Paul Hendricks.

Hilary Fill,


Vote Hendricks for Skamania County Commission, District 2

Please join me in voting for Paul Hendricks for Skamania County Commissioner District 2. 

I’ve gotten to know Paul over the last couple of years as we watched our kids run on the soccer and T-ball fields and play at birthday parties–Paul makes a mean guacamole! He has a lovely, smart wife who’s a passionate steward of our beautiful Gorge trails — their partnership is inspiring. When I first chatted with Paul I was struck by his calm, thoughtful demeanor. He is an interesting guy with a varied background in military service, economics, environmental science, music and public service. Aside from his impressive resume, though, he’s just an all-around good guy with a fresh perspective. 

Our local issues are unique to our rural lifestyle and environment and I know Paul will address each one with a non-partisan approach. Paul listens, he thinks, he makes decisions based on facts from all sources. He will not be swayed by good ‘ol boy political pressures and small town drama. Paul has a vision for our county and the energy and intellect to guide us into the future.

I trust him to do what’s best for our family and to help our communities thrive. 

Michelle Dillon,

North Bonneville

Hendricks has plan for affordable housing to Skamania County

I moved to Skamania County with my wife around eight years ago for work. We searched for months ahead of time but in the end all we could find to rent was a tiny one bedroom located directly next to a train crossing. It was not ideal, but it worked, and we felt lucky to just have a place to live in the area. Afterwards, it took a year of constant searching and asking friends until we found something affordable that checks most of our boxes. A frustrating experience to say the least.

Affordable and accessible housing for lower income and young, working professionals in the county has been an issue for as long as I’ve been part of this community. I’m not alone in this. Nearly everyone I know in Skamania County, whether long time residents or newer transplants, had a similar experience when looking for a place to live.

We cannot grow businesses if there is nowhere for people to live. We can’t grow as a diverse community if the only people who can afford to move here are the ones who can buy half-million-dollar homes.  

Creating affordable housing is not an impossible goal for our county as long as there’s a plan. That is why Paul Hendricks deserves your vote: He is the only person in this county commissioner race with a plan and the experience to tackle this issue. Paul has already helped to make significant changes to city and county codes for ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to help raise the number of affordable rentals. Currently, he wants to change the flat rate fees for utility hook ups on new residential builds to bring the cost down for those who are building modest homes. He’s continually researching and working on creative ways to bring the stock of total affordable housing up. 

This has been an issue for far too long and needs fixing now, but these changes don’t just happen on their own. They do not happen by doing more of the same. They happen when people who are passionate about their community step up with a plan. Vote for the person with a plan, Paul Hendricks.

James Landers,


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