Letters to Editor for Aug. 26, 2021

Tennis enthusiast says Camas needs dedicated pickleball courts

I would like to urge Trang Lam, the new director of Camas Parks and Recreation, to address the growing need for a new “pickleball” playing area, apart from the beloved Crown Park Tennis Courts.

I began playing tennis there in 1960, when the courts were cement with metal nets. Camas High School students practiced and played matches there. Along with the departed swimming pool, the tennis courts were always there to play on, iconic in its setting.

Recently, a large group of people who enjoy this “ping-pong on steroids,” had persuaded Jerry Acheson, the prior parks and recreation director, to allow the tennis courts to be a “multi-use” facility, ushering in the new tenants. If you are a tennis player, forget about getting in a quiet game, let alone getting a court to play on.

Therefore, I urge the new director of parks and recreation: Build it, and they will come.

Hendrik vanderBurgh,


Camas goes ‘extra mile’ to keep citizens informed on construction project

During the past several weeks, we have been experiencing a major construction project on our street including new water lines, sidewalk entrances and pavement, which has now been completed.

I would like to commend the Clark Construction Co. and the city of Camas for going the extra mile to keep us informed of activities that impacted our lives during this project. Employees of the construction company regularly informed us of upcoming changes in parking and traffic restrictions. Justin, the city engineer, kept us informed of the progress of the project.

To all involved, we say thank you for making what could have been an unpleasant situation much more bearable.

Wayne Hodgin,


Upset by ‘leftist, lazy’ political cartoons

Why is the political comic presented on the Opinion page always leftist, lazy and predictable propaganda? Such satire seeks to ridicule those who don’t choose to adopt the politically correct view on current matters, and does not represent the majority of the citizens of Camas-Washougal. These intelligent critical thinkers are your neighbors, business owners, friends, etc.

Can’t you do better?

Karen Frederick,