Washougal summer school expands

The Washougal School District said it provided more educational opportunities than ever this summer, taking advantage of federal funding to serve 319 students.

The summer school offered programs designed to “help those who may be struggling, prepare young learners for entry into school, help avoid summer learning loss for special needs students and provide an educational challenge for those looking to participate in project-based learning activities,” according to a news release issued by the district.

“Parents have said they are grateful to have this opportunity for their kids and that their children have looked forward to coming to summer school,” secretary Cynthia Fahrenkrug stated in a news release. “Many have been very enthusiastic to see their friends and to engage with our educators.”

Brain Boot Camp, a new program, provided an opportunity for students to explore project-based learning lessons. A grant was provided by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for students to create a mock proposal for a walking bridge that would connect Addy Street residents across train tracks and enable them to be closer to trails and schools.

Other programs included “Summer School Splash,” for grades kindergarten through third grade, and “Ready Set Kindy,” which aimed to prepare kindergarten students.

“I have been extremely happy to be a part of this awesome summer learning experience,” teacher Heather Kassel said in the news release. “I am super proud of all the hard work the staff and students have done. The students have gained skills over the summer months that will be beneficial for a successful start to the school year. The teachers are dedicated to student success, and this is why our summer has been amazing.”