Cities may need to remove trees in Goot Park

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A sign welcomes visitors to Goot Park at 303 S.E. Zenith St., on the border of Camas and Washougal. (Contributed photo courtesy of city of Camas)

Camas and Washougal officials are working with Clark Public Utilities to decide is they will need to remove trees at Goot Park, 303 S.E. Zenith St., on the Camas-Washougal border, after a small fire, caused by tree limbs making contact with overhead power transmission lines, broke out in the park on June 28.

“Clark Public Utilities quickly followed up and dispatched crews to cut the tree limbs to remove the immediate fire hazard by providing clearance from the power lines,” the city of Camas noted in a news release about the fire, adding: “Both communities value our tree canopies, and always look to preserve and protect them when possible. Unfortunately, the hazard pruning is significant and has left the remaining trees in poor condition. However, even assuming they recover, the trees will grow right back into power lines causing future safety concerns.”

City leaders said they are working with Clark Public Utilities to determine if trees need to be removed and if fencing or other landscaping might be installed at the park.