Letters to Editor for June 17, 2021

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Council should include more affordable homes in future developments

I would urge the Camas Planning Commission to recommend that the City Council include its inclusionary policy in its housing recommendation before the Camas City Council.

I watched the virtual presentation by the Commission on their proposals for implementation of inclusionary housing modules and found it wisely prepared and researched. They showed some cluster-style developments with small homes, some in town-home or duplex style, in the Seattle suburbs, that were attractive and practical, even though surrounding homes were much larger and more expensive. Similar cluster can be designed in towns like Camas. Such neighborhoods would be both welcoming to lower-income residents and beautifully maintained.

I myself once resided in a community of modest duplexes in the prestigious Illahe Hills Country Club neighborhood of Salem. I previously lived in a neighborhood where modest ranch-style homes without expensive fireplaces were interspersed with high-end two-story homes. Both of those neighborhoods have consistently retained their dignity and appearance, although some lower-valued properties were affordable to those of us without the highest incomes.

The Camas City Council must represent all Camas residents, not just rich families. Therefore, inclusion of modest-income homeowners should be a priority for all future housing developments.

Sandra L. Gangle,


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