Letters to the Editor for July 14, 2022

Steinke for Clark PUD

As a community organizer and outspoken defender of our ecological lifestyle, Don Steinke is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, thoughtful and inspiring public servants to have never held an elected public office.

Consequently, we would be hard pressed to think of anyone else to represent our community interest on the Clark County PUD board, or for that matter in any other elected position he decided to run for. In fact, we would be totally remiss if we did not lend our support to such an amazing individual, who has seen fit to support all of us for such a very long time.

David Finn,



Camas’ ‘trashy ladies’ deserve thanks

Just a note to say a public “thank you” to adoptoneblock.org, and especially to Brenda Landy and Cathie Olson, two of the representatives in Camas.

They started cleaning a couple of blocks and, with these two dynamos, it quickly morphed into most of the city. Several days per week, you can see them in their “visibility” vests, sporting their long trash-pickers and garbage bags, cleaning the streets of Camas.

The city does look better for their efforts. If you see them, say “Hi” or wave, maybe even give a discreet beep of your horn. I’m sure you’ll get a smile and wave in return from the self-proclaimed “Trashy Ladies.”

If you’re interested in helping, visit adoptoneblock.org. They are a friendly, no-pressure group of people. You can get exercise, meet new friends and make an impact on our community. These ladies certainly have.

Daniel Blore,



Questioning Camas Days poster choice

Quick question: Why is someone whose business prominently displays a sign proclaiming “Let’s Go Brandon” — a political slogan meaning “F— Joe Biden” — on this year’s Camas Days sponsor posters?

Is it too much to ask for Camas to at least give the appearance of being anything but a right-wing haven?

Charity Feb,



Elect Don Steinke for Clark County PUD

Elect Don Steinke. He is running for Clark Public Utilities to represent us in the transition to clean energy. The transition is being funded by industry, Congress and the Washington State Legislature. Endorsed by 18 current or former elected officials, Don has been active, and successful, in obtaining elected officials’ support in protecting our communities from the dangers of oil terminals. He’s done many other good things too, and the right man for the job.

To find out more, visit steinke4ClarkPUD.com

Joshua Gordon,



Vote Waters for 17th District, Position 1

We need better leadership in our state legislature. Kevin Waters, running for state representative, 17th District, Position 1, is by far the best choice this Aug. 2 (primary election) and then in November.

His experience, qualifications, life-learned skills and collegial temperament are a rare combination among candidates. He built a successful local business, Backwoods Brewing, to strong growth in a competitive field, employing up to 70 people.

He then became economic development manager for Skamania County, compiling an impressive track record.

With a growing family, Waters has a deep commitment to our schools and understands the importance of parents’ choosing the best schools for their kids.

When state policies were harmful to his region, Waters met face-to -face with Governor Inslee and explained clearly that changes are needed. Vote in August and select Kevin Waters for the 17th District Position 1.

Ann Donnelly,



Vote Don Steinke for Clark County PUD

Don Steinke is an active, knowledgeable, able, skilled and diligent man that I see as the most conscientious, relentless and concerned fighter for us and our environment.

He has worked so hard for years and has led our community forward in necessary and green improvements that Vancouver has witnessed and acquired.

We will all live and sleep better knowing that Don is advocating, serving and protecting us as a PUD Commissioner District 2. Thank you Don Steinke for everything you do.

Merna Baker Blagg,