Washougal residents’ ‘House Hunters’ episode to air June 30

The HGTV show “House Hunters” will feature Washougal residents Graham and Kayla Gentry on Thursday, June 30, at 10 p.m.

The long-running reality show typically follows people seeking a new place to live. Local real estate agents lead the house hunters through three options, and, by the end of the episode, viewers get to see which house or apartment the people have selected, and learn about how the move is working out.

“A Financial Fracas in Washougal,”  the 13th episode of the show’s 214th season, will deviate from the show’s standard formula, as Graham plays the role of agent and buyer.

“It was so different,” Graham told the Post-Record in 2021. “It was like my wife was my client, which was so weird and funny. I was showing my wife houses that I show every day to other people. Kayla kept saying that I don’t have much emotion in this because it’s my job. If I was emotionally driven by every single transaction, every single client, every single day, I’d be just zapped. So with this, it was like, ‘OK, square footage, lot size, price, condition — cool, looks good, all right. What do you think?’ And she was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

The Gentrys toured three Washougal properties over a five-day period in November 2021, followed closely by camera operators, sound engineers and producers who chronicled their every move. They eventually purchased one of the homes featured on the episode.

“It was fantastic,” Graham said. “It was so much fun. The crew was so cool. Everybody was so nice. They weren’t weird or embarrassing when they were filming; everything was natural. It was so much easier this time because we had done it before (in 2014).”