Letters to the Editor for Oct. 13, 2022

Gluesenkamp Perez ‘working to do good for community’

I attended the debate on Sept. 27, between Congressional candidates Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and Joe Kent.

Marie is a small business owner, wife and mother, with working class roots and history in the 3rd District. She’s not a polished speaker. She’s a decent human working to do good for our community.

Joe has a history of appearing on Fox News. He’s comfortable in front of cameras and believes in QAnon conspiracy theories. He wants a national ban on all abortions, thinks Dr. Fauci should be killed, believes mainstream Republicans are just like Democrats, and believes Loren Culp is our governor. Joe believes everyone should have guns so that our elected leaders live in fear of their electors. Calling him extreme is an understatement.

Now that I’ve seen him I’m more motivated to work hard to defeat him. If everyone votes on Nov. 8, Joe will lose. Get out the vote for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez on Nov. 8.

Betty Cooper,



Three reasons to vote for Gluesenkamp Perez

Dear voters,

I am voting for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez for three reasons:

1. She is truthful.

2. Marie is not so extreme in her views that she can’t work across the aisle and collaborate.

3. Marie is pro-choice. As a young mother of a 1 year old, I had an ectopic pregnancy. Without surgery, I would have died, leaving my son motherless and my young husband a widower. Extreme abortion laws hurt everyone. Women need the right to make their own decisions about their health care and they need the right to necessary health care treatment the same as men.

Marian Neumann,



Clark PUD can learn from California energy shortages

California was planning to build new solar, wind and battery projects at the same time they were closing polluting power plants. When the solar, wind and battery projects were delayed, they had shortages.

They should have built the new resources, before closing the old power plants.

Our law requires Clark Public Utilities to gradually replace its polluting power plant with clean energy. This will be happening at the same time our population is growing, and 140 electric vehicles are being registered in Clark County every month. We are losing energy resources at the same time demand is increasing.

The Bonneville Power Administration was our sole source of electricity until around 1996 when Clark PUD decided to build a fossil fuel power plant. It is the only public utility in the state to build its own power plant, and they borrowed to do it.

Now that those bonds are paid for, they can build the replacements incrementally without raising rates and should do so one megawatt at a time as soon as possible.

Don Steinke,



Vote Gluesenkamp Perez to protect future, defend democracy

This election year is critical.

The world is facing a climate crisis threatening imminent devastation; our economy still clings to outdated, dwindling resources and failing commodities; and social upheaval is manifesting in hatred, violence and attacks on our civil liberties as legislators attempt to drag us centuries backward.

That’s why I’m writing to implore Camas-Washougal voters to vote for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez for Congress.

Marie is a working-class mom and business owner with a degree in economics who will fight for our rights. She will invest in the next generation of industry and infrastructure to advance our antiquated economy by embracing innovation. She will work to ensure working families have a fighting chance to realize the American dream again and afford fundamental necessities like healthcare, fuel to drive to work and higher education for their kids.

Her opponent is a dangerous extremist, afraid of progress, who will defund education, ban abortion nationally and gamble away Medicare and Social Security through privatization. His vocal support of Trump, white nationalists and the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection speak volumes about his radical, white supremacist agenda.

Please vote for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez to protect our future and defend this democracy.

Marie Treadway,