Letters to the Editor: April 6, 2023

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In support of local school bonds, levies

This is a letter in support of our public schools and the bonds and levies we vote on.

The programs, activities and personnel to be cut from the budgets are not frivolous expenditures. The students need extra curricular activities for their physical and mental health. We, the community, need them. We have just been through two years of isolation and online school, our young people need the social aspect of activities as well as the physical.

Yes, it costs money but activities and programs enrich all of our lives. Sports, band, art, games and hobbies are necessary for a well-rounded life. Everyone needs a place, an opportunity. We don’t all participate in all activities but we pay for them for the good of the whole community. Just like we pay for libraries, parks, bike lanes, etc. What kind of community would we have if we only took care of ourselves?

Vote yes on school bonds and levies.

John and Marian Neumann,


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