Oregon deputy recovers at east Clark County home following shooting

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Chuck Doze was shot seven times during July 26 on-duty incident

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Washington County (Ore.) Sheriff's Deputy Charles Doze is recovering at his east Clark County residence following a July 26, 2023, on-duty shooting that severely injured Doze and hospitalized him for 13 days. (Contributed photo courtesy of the Washington County Sheriff's Office)

David Stuebe and Chuck Doze met at an athletic club about 10 years ago and became “workout buddies,” then full-fledged friends, bonding over their similar backgrounds — military for Stuebe, law enforcement for Doze — and mutual desire to stay fit.

“You can tell he’s incredibly dedicated because he’s in the gym and he’s working out and he’s trying to stay fit so he’s able to do (his) job,” said Stuebe, the mayor of Washougal. “Chuck is relentless and dedicated. He would just keep going no matter what (happens). You can’t knock him down, and that’s what I appreciate about him.”

Stube believes Doze’s dedication and physical fitness level will help him recover from a life-threatening injury that he recently sustained in the line of duty. Doze, an East Clark County resident and Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WSCO) deputy in Oregon, was released from a Portland hospital Aug. 8, to continue his recovery and rehabilitation at home after sustaining serious injuries during a July 26 shooting in Tualatin, Oregon.

WCSO officials said Kristafer Graves, 34, shot Doze seven times in the head, arms and torso after being served with a court-ordered eviction notice by Doze and two other deputies at Graves’ Tualatin apartment.

“(Officers are) brave, they’re out there every day, and they never know what they’re going to walk into. Something that seems totally routine can just erupt,” Stuebe said. “You don’t know if you’re dealing with (people with) depression or whatever. People take it out on somebody, and it’s a shame that they’re taking it out on the people that are trying to uphold justice. It’s just scary, (and indicative) of what’s going on out there.”

Doze sustained broken bones in both of his arms, and lost his left eye and multiple teeth. He was transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, where he spent 13 days before returning home “with his family by his side and a law enforcement escort,” which included the Camas and Washougal police departments, according to the WSCO.

“Chuck’s release from the hospital makes today a day of hope and strengthens us as a family and community,” WCSO sheriff Pat Garrett said. “… He is an incredible person. He is a complete professional. He is compassionate. He is also resilient and tenacious.”

Doze acts as a “mentor” for his fellow gymnasium users, according to Stuebe.

“If you talked to the gym guys, they would be like, ‘He’s the nicest guy. He talks to everybody, supports everybody,’” Stuebe said. “Everybody’s in there working out, and he’s just kind of the motivator. He motivates everybody in the gym, and he’s everybody’s friend. (What happened to him) was tragic because he’s the nicest guy. He’s the guy that you want to come to (your side) if you need help, because he’s there to do the right thing.”

Stuebe said that he believes Doze “has a long way to go” in his recovery, but is looking forward to visiting him once he settles in.

“Can you imagine being shot twice in the face, missing an eye, missing teeth? It’s going to be a long road to recovery for him,” Stuebe said. “But he’s a fighter. He’s going to come back from this where a lot of people wouldn’t.”

A GoFundMe account established to raise funds for Doze had collected $317,188 as of Monday, Aug. 14. The account can be viewed at Donations also can be made through any U.S. Bank location.