Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2023

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Steve Hogan is Camas’ community mayor

Steady, deeply rooted and broadly engaged in our “city with a small town feeling,” Steve Hogan is Camas’ community mayor. He is well-known and active in business, schools, city, service organizations, neighborhoods, his church and downtown Camas. Steve is present. He is visible, and approachable – a modest “servant leader” able to listen and bring people together.

This is all natural for Steve Hogan — part of his character and person. It is all valuable in leading the City as mayor. Three brief examples illustrate his sense of community and service:

Steve is a “spark plug” and advocate of the vital downtown, a special place of great importance for our hometown atmosphere.

As an elected leader, he has consistently supported openspace acquisitions, trails and parks. These are vital parts of what makes Camas a special place.

He has supported careful planning for the annexed areas. With public participation and thoughtful, tedious review, the plans have matured and been approved. The vision and plans will need Steve’s leadership and knowledge over the next four years of implementation.

Steve Hogan is a community mayor — of the community and for the people of our special place with a small town atmosphere.

Lloyd Halverson,


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