Letters to the Editor for Sept. 7, 2023

Reader questions city’s environmental ruling on paper mill demolition

How does Camas City Council make such a declaration of non-adverse impacts after the Vancouver waterfront took 12 years and many remediations? (“Camas: GP demolitions won’t have significant environmental impacts” published in The Post-Record Aug. 17, 2023)

The Camas Georgia-Pacific plant is suggesting that removing 3,000 pilings from an industrial area has no adverse impacts? In order to not get in the way of progress and hopefully to protect the environment, I highly recommend that Georgia-Pacific be required to post a significant remediation bond to last no less than 20 years — $20 million would be the minimum, in my book.

Besides the Vancouver project, another example is the General Electric plant on the Hudson River in New York.

The Camas City Council appears to be whitewashed in my opinion — Papermakers forever, despite that papemaking is not in the cards anymore. Pompoms anyone?

Patrick Collins,