Letters to the Editor: Feb. 2, 2024

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Vote ‘yes’ on Camas school levies for ‘stronger, more resilient community’

As Camas’ mayor and a long-standing member of the Camas community, I am writing today with a matter of great importance and urgency — the Camas School District’s educational programs and operations levy and capital levy that will be set before us on Feb. 13.

Having lived in Camas for 40 years and seen my children flourish within the Camas School District, I have experienced firsthand the outstanding quality of education and the nurturing environment our schools provide.

The strength of our schools is the bedrock of our community. It is about providing quality education to our children and fostering a vibrant community that continues to attract businesses and families alike. Strong schools are a testament to our commitment to the future. That commitment is a signal to companies that we value a skilled and educated workforce. It also assures parents that their children’s futures are bright and promising.

The replacement levies are not merely a financial decision but a continued investment in our children, community and future. The funds from this levy will ensure that our schools can continue to provide excellent educational programs, maintain smaller class sizes, support extracurricular activities and offer competitive salaries to attract and retain the best teachers and staff. These are the components that make our schools exceptional and our community desirable.

The need for robust educational systems is more critical than ever in a time when the world is rapidly changing. Our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of our schools through this levy is a clear message that we are prepared to invest in a future that is dynamic, innovative and prosperous.

I urge each of you to consider the long-term benefits strong schools bring to our community. These levies are an opportunity for us to unite in support of our most valuable asset — our children — and, in doing so, strengthen the very fabric of Camas.

Your vote in favor of the levies is a vote for a stronger, more resilient community.

Thank you for your continued support and for considering this vital investment in our community’s future.

Steve Hogan,


Levy support vital for students, community

The Camas School District’s educational and capital levies, up for vote on Feb. 13, vital for sustaining the cornerstone of our culture — the education of our children.

With over 15 years on the Camas School District Board of Directors and as a parent, I’ve witnessed the transformative impact of a well-supported educational system. These levies fund essential components such as special education, advanced courses, arts, athletics and facility upgrades. Ensuring safe, warm and dry learning environments is crucial for student success.

Stable funding, as demonstrated in our community over the years, lays the foundation for exceptional learning opportunities, pushing boundaries, inspiring innovation, and preparing students for life beyond exams.

A vote for these levies is a vote for our children’s future and the overall success of our community. It signifies belief in the power of public education and commitment to maintaining our legacy of educational excellence in Camas.

Your support is paramount. Please vote yes for the enduring prosperity of our students and community.

Doug Quinn,


Retired teacher shows support for CSD levies

I am writing in support of the two propositions being put to Camas voters on Feb. 13: Proposition 6 is the replacement of the expiring educational programs and operations levy and Proposition 7 is the replacement of the capital levy for technology, health and safety. Both propositions are levy renewals at the same rate.

These levies will continue to support the award-winning schools that the community and citizens of Camas have enjoyed for many years. As a retired teacher and administrator for the Camas School District, as well as a community member whose children graduated from Camas schools, I have first-hand experience and knowledge of how impactful these levies are for the education of our children.

Our beautiful schools and innovative programs are key indicators that levy dollars are hard at work. These levies will ensure that students and families will continue to benefit from strong educational programs, strong technology infrastructure and advanced safety systems.

In my 40 years of working within the walls of the Camas School District, I have been witness to increasing demand and excellence from teachers and students. Families who are seeking a rigorous and standards-based education for their students purposely come to Camas.

I have always held to the belief that a strong school system supports a strong community. We are fortunate in Camas to have both. Please vote yes in support of these replacement levies.

Diane Loghry,


‘Proud to support replacement levies’

As we get older and our kids are no longer in school, our personal experiences in the Camas School District are different than they used to be.

When Scott was a Camas student, it was easy for him to see all the things the levy did, and he was thankful voters voted to support schools in his youth. As we became parents, we also could see daily the good that was coming out of the Camas School District through our children.

We always proudly voted to support Camas schools. In this chapter, with our kids grown, for us it is still quite simple: we love this community and the Camas School District is a big reason for that love! We love living in a community that has helped educate two generations of our family.

We are proud to support these replacement levies to help our schools keep up the good they have done and grow into the future. We want to live in a thriving community and so for this reason, we are voting “yes,” and ask you to join us.

Thank you, Camas schools, for all the ways you have been a positive influence in our lives. We hope that will continue for many years to come!

Please join us and vote “yes” for Camas schools.

Scott and Allison Higgins,


Vote ‘yes’ on replacement levies

On Feb. 13, voters have the opportunity to vote “yes” on two replacement levies that enable the Camas School District to continue to provide enrichments and critical supports for students that the state legislature either doesn’t fully fund, or doesn’t fund at all.

These are not new taxes. Voting “yes” continues funding at the existing rates when the two current levies expire at the end of 2024.

The first levy is for Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O). It provides critical funding for teacher salaries that the state doesn’t fully cover, as well as professional development, all extracurriculars (including sports), instructional materials, AP courses, the Highly Capable program, special-education services, bus services, crossing guards, elective classes, health services, custodians, building and grounds maintenance and more.

The second replacement levy is a Capital Levy for Technology, Health, and Safety, which funds almost all hardware and software costs, such as Skyward, as well as capital maintenance – such as roofs and heaters, and keeping Doc Harris and Cardon Fields safe by providing turf-replacement funding.

My student benefited from levy-funded programs in ways we never would have imagined. For example, students are incredibly fortunate that our district offers Mandarin, which is identified by the U.S. Department of State as a “critical language” more young Americans need to learn in the interests of national well-being and economic prosperity. Thanks to the opportunity to take Mandarin in high school, my son received a national scholarship to study Mandarin in Taiwan. Please don’t take levy-funded electives, like having language options, for granted.

In addition, our levy-funded high school robotics team, FRC Team 2471, offers opportunities that benefit students well beyond high school, including machinery use and certification, engineering design, computer programming, data science, business development, fundraising, community outreach and, of course, building robots and competing with “gracious professionalism” (a core value) at regional and international competitions.

Students in our wonderful school district benefit every day from a rich variety of levy-funded programs and supports, across all grade levels.

But please don’t assume these levies will pass without returning your ballot with a “yes” vote! Our last levy passed by one of the thinnest margins ever – every “yes” vote counts.

Let’s send a clear message on Feb. 13, that this community puts students first!

Aunna Elm,


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