Letters to the Editor: Feb. 22, 2024

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Let’s stop pretending there are no consequences to continued burning of carbon-based fuels

So guest columnist Don Brunell says that it will be a Herculean task to recycle electric vehicle (EV) batteries. He is deflecting attention from a much larger recycling task — recycling carbon.

According to Exxon, Americans in the future will decide it is necessary to retrieve the pollution that we are currently discharging from our tailpipes and gas furnaces. Exxon thinks the carbon capture market will grow to $4 trillion per year by 2050, and they will get the contracts to do the work. Our children will be paying to clean up our mess.

I support the Climate Commitment Act because it provides funding for clean energy now and reduces the burden we’ll leave for our kids. It’s clear to me that prevention is far cheaper than the cure.

My friend has a Chevy Bolt, which cost $30,000. She charges it with the solar panels on her roof. She drives on sunshine. In most of America, solar and wind are already the cheapest forms of energy. What’s not to like about clean air and clean energy?

According to the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, the summer temperature in Cowlitz County will be 6 degrees higher and peak stream-flows will be up 36% on average during the 2040-50 time frame.

Instead of burning wood waste, it should remain in the field to keep the carbon sequestered as long as nature will allow.

It’s time to stop pretending there are no consequences to burning carbon-based fuels. Support the Climate Commitment Act. Support a livable planet. Vote “no” on the repeal. Vote “no” on I-2117.

Don Steinke,


Reader says ‘roundabout preferred’ at Lake-Sierra intersection

Regarding the city of Camas’ future intersection improvements at Northwest Lake Road and Northwest Sierra Street: A roundabout would almost always be an improvement over a traffic signal.

Especially since the majority of the day that left-hand turn is not a problem. I use that route daily.

Pam McClellan,


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