Letters to the Editor: Jan. 25, 2024

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Vote ‘yes’ on Camas School District levies

Tuesday, Feb. 13, is election day for the voters in the Camas School District. On the ballot will be two propositions: Proposition 6 is the replacement of the expiring educational programs and operations levy and Proposition 7 is the replacement of the capital levy for technology, health and safety. Both propositions are levy renewals at the same rate.

Along with Pat Hennessey, I am co-chairing the campaign effort in the name of the Camas Citizens for Quality Schools (CCQS). We are a completely self-funded volunteer organization. The CCQS will spend the coming weeks getting the word out encouraging you to vote and to vote “yes.”

As mentioned, these are replacements for expiring levies at the same estimated rate. These are not new or additional taxes.

Levy dollars are required by the state to be covered by the local citizens. And these dollars go toward a long list of district expenses such as special education, school nurses, athletics, music and arts, educator training, substitute teachers, advanced courses and much more. Simply put, this makes the renewal of the levies critical.

And finally, a strong school district is an attractive school district. Not only attractive to students, parents and educators, but also to local businesses, the downtown district and the community in general.

Please vote, and vote “yes” to the Camas School District replacement levies.

Mark Klein,


Time to overturn Citizens United

As a concerned citizen, I feel compelled to address an issue that has been plaguing our democracy far too long – the influence of big money in politics. On this 14th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, it is clear that while purportedly championing free speech, it has, in reality, allowed wealthy special interests to exert an undue influence on our political landscape. The floodgates it opened to unlimited political spending have drowned out the voices of ordinary citizens, eroding the principles upon which our nation was founded. Our founders meant democracy to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. However, the current state of affairs allows a select few with deep pockets to disproportionately shape policies and decisions that impact us all.

It’s time for our leaders to prioritize the well-being of our democracy over the interests of wealthy donors and take decisive action to overturn Citizens United.

I encourage readers to join the call for reform, engage with their representatives, and demand an end to the dominance of big money in our political system.

Together, let’s strive for a democracy that truly serves its people.

Mark Haller,


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