Threatening nuclear war is deeply irrational, U.S. must pledge no first-use

Permanent Hirst fix and capital budget: Washington citizens deserve both

Reaching Paris without stopping in Washington

History may record that the planet’s climate crisis was avoided thanks to the efforts of three countries: China, Germany and France. Or not. The preparedness of those three, and the other European Union member-states, to follow through on commitments under the Paris Accord despite the U.S. pull-out is key to planetary survival. Chancellor Angela Merkel has made no bones about it, announcing that the Europeans are determined, in the name of Western values, to meet the Paris goal of keeping planetary temperature rise to 1.5-2 degrees Celsius while also welcoming immigrants and upholding the global trade system.

Race to toll likely to clip Washington drivers

In 2014, President Barrack Obama opened the door for states to collect tolls on interstate highways. This year Oregon lawmakers, much to the chagrin of Washington drivers and truckers, unilaterally took advantage of the new funding opportunity.

As ‘TrumPutin’ moves forward, democracy declines

As a child of the Cold War (born during the Korean War, learned to talk during the McCarthy Era, turned 12 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, feared the Soviets and loved Barry Goldwater as a 13-year-old) it is stunning to me, even as a peace and justice person critical of my own government since Civil Rights and Vietnam, that Donald Trump is a.) president, b.) a traitor to the United States and c.) loved by his nationalist base.

Want wildlife in your garden? Follow these master gardener tips

There are many benefits to attracting wildlife — birds, frogs, bats, pollinators and others — to your garden. They can control insect pest populations, pollinate your crop plants, improve soils and be a delight to observe basking or foraging about in your yard.

Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, Trump tweets while America roasts

Let’s talk about the ‘S’ word: Stress

Before you can manage stress, it is essential to understand what it is. To put it simply, stress is how your brain and body respond to strain, tension or a demand. Some people experience acute stress, while others experience chronic stress. Acute stress is generally a brief stress response to an event, while chronic stress is prolonged exposure to stress.

U.S. must refocus the climate debate, find practical solutions

Debating whether it was wrong for President Trump to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord negotiations is never-ending. Both sides will find ample evidence to claim the accords are good or bad for America; however, the rhetoric can’t obfuscate our ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gases.

Bring all the bees to your yard with these pollinator-friendly garden tips

What’s all the fuss about pollinators? For one thing, we depend on pollinators for the majority of the crops we eat. And at least 80 percent of all plant life depends on pollination for reproduction. And more pollination makes for better fruit set and quality, in addition to increasing fruit size, resulting in more productive farms and gardens.