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Public needs to become educated on McCleary decision

'The Washington Constitution imposes only one "paramount duty" upon the State: "to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders,…

A plea to change our mental health system

Another school shooting frays our communal nerves. While tragedies involving violence grab the public's attention, there is a quieter story that plays out in homes across the nation. Frequently, and out of public view, families watch as loved ones deteriorate before their eyes, spiraling deeper into delusion and dysfunction. As they lurch from crisis to crisis, family and friends are helpless to intervene; frustrated by a system that gives them few options.

Making ‘Sunshine Week’ every week

The Tenth "Sunshine Week" ended about six month ago, on March 21. This annual celebration of open government was created by the American Society of News Editors with a grant from the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation. Now co-sponsored by ASNE and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Sunshine Week is intended to highlight the importance of open government around the country. All indications pointed to the fact that this year's Sunshine Week was one of the best yet. In Washington, DC and throughout the country, people found new and innovative ways to make people think about transparency (my personal favorite was the brewing of "Sunshine Wheat" beer - the first beer of Sunshine Week).

Keep school bus safety laws in mind

Several years ago, the Post-Record ran a letter to the editor from a Washougal resident who recounted a traumatic childhood experience involving a serious collision between a child and a vehicle. The driver behind the wheel did not obey laws aimed at protecting youngsters as they board and disembark from the school bus.

Henriksen: A leader in transformational community change

It is an honor to join in the nomination of Nan Henriksen for high recognition as the 2015 First Citizen of Southwest Washington.

Locally grown, and proud of it

In approximately 19 days, I will be moving my youngest offspring to college. He is a locally grown and sustainable product of the Camas area. Even though my oldest has been in college for three years and also a product of Camas, the last little birdie to leave the nest always has a lingering significance.

Some are attempting to block mental health care reform

The bipartisan Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR2646, introduced in June by Rep. Tim Murphy and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, has come under attack. The purpose of the legislation is to resolve a number of problems within our mental health care system, particularly for the treatment of America's seriously mentally ill. The measures within this legislation would effectively improve treatment and outcomes for those with severe brain diseases ultimately resulting in a significant reduction in homelessness and incarcerations.

Mayor proposes funding for road repairs, railroad overpass and police staffing

Mental illness haunts countless Americans

On July 9, Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) appealed to congress, "Let's no longer turn a blind eye and instead help those who need it the most."

Kansas and North Carolina cutting taxes to spur jobs and growth

In Olympia these days, lawmakers are high centered in a second special session over the budget to operate the state for the next two years.

Pike: ‘I was exactly where I should have been’

Last Wednesday, I saw a headline over the top of a 1,100-plus word opinion piece that asked, "Where was Rep. Liz Pike?"