Photographers show there’s much to love about Camas

What do you love about Camas?

That was the question posed by the staff at the Camas Public Library, who challenged local amateur photographers to hit the streets, cameras in hand, and document the interesting, unique, strange and beautiful things that make Camas stand out from the rest.

The results of this challenge are now on display at the Second Story Gallery at the library, in a show that features more than 25 entries from 13 amateur photographers as young as 9 years old.

While the downtown gallery often displays the work of established painters, sculptors photographers, and other accomplished artists, it’s fantastic to see what comes from the minds eye of the average citizen, with their own likes, dislikes and point-of-view. The prints at the gallery offer images of local trails, businesses, churches, snow- and sun-dotted landscapes, as well as vibrantly colored flowers like begonias, rhodies and irises. Beauty is even captured in something as simple as a bicycle leaning against a picket fence.

The month-long show is being organized in anticipation of Camas Days on July 23 and 24 — the area’s annual summer festival that aims to highlight and bring together one of the greatest assets -its people.

So, as we begin our first warm summer week of the year, stop by the Camas Public Library to cool off and check out what your neighbors think are the greatest things about their community.