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Expensive paint for ‘E’ Street

I’m a little puzzled with the article in the Post-Record of June 22: “Council gives green light to ‘E’ Street contract.”

I see where the city council has dedicated over half a million dollars to a Vancouver firm to provide “construction administration, engineering and field inspection, quality control testing,” and “bidding assistance and preparation of record drawings.” Am I reading this right? Over a half-million dollars and not a single minutes worth of actual work on the street?

Other than adding some sidewalks, isn’t what we’re talking about is repainting the lines in the street to reduce traffic to one lane in each direction, a middle left turn lane and bike lanes? Wow! Half a million dollars! That’s a lot of paint!

Fred M. King


Rivers has proven track record

I have recently been so impressed with Ann Rivers, candidate for state representative in the 18th District. She is already writing legislation that she plans to introduce in Olympia when she is elected in November.

While other candidates are consumed with trying to run a campaign, Ann Rivers is working hard on legislation that will get our state back on track.

She has already created legislation that will help stop over-spending and correct our state budgeting process, along with an innovative idea to fight over-regulation of business. Ann understands that the fight against unemployment starts at the business level.

Rivers has a proven track record and has shown that she is ready to hit the ground running when she gets elected. We need someone like Rivers representing us! She is committed to fighting for us as citizens and will be a great ambassador for the voice of the people.

Rivers is the clear choice as we look to climb out of this hole we are in. Rivers has proven that she will fight for us in Olympia and that she will follow through with her promises.

Join me in electing Ann Rivers as our next state representative in the 18th District.

Scott Higgins

Camas City Councilman

Rivers connects with community

I had the pleasure recently of meeting Ann Rivers, a candidate for state representative in the 18th District, at a gathering. I found her to be intelligent, attentive and more than willing to roll up her sleeves and work hard for Southwest Washington.

What impressed me the most, however, was that she was so independent-minded about solutions for Washington’s problems. The good news is that she has fresh ideas about how to solve them.

I’m voting for Ann Rivers for state representative in the 18th District and I hope you will too. She’s ready to put Washington back on the right track.

Byron Sue


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