Letters to the editor for Oct. 5, 2010

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Washougal citizens should join together

I’ve read now two different articles about Washougal and the audit results concerned with the new pedestrian tunnel project. For my view, I believe Washougal meant well but they just did not have in place the right people, with the right knowledge and experience, to guide the city through the many complex accounting tunnels necessary for the task. In essence, they had a good plan, a good thing to accomplish, but just did not execute the fiscal accounting of it correctly.

For whatever reasons, Washougal always seems to be in the news but not always for the best of reasons. I find this sad, distressing. I call this community home now. I have adopted Washougal or rather maybe it has adopted me. I have come to really appreciate the many colorful characters that live here, the steep green mountains that surround us, the forever flowing Columbia that marks our border, the pioneering spirit and history of it’s peoples, the legacy of a hard working community that always seems to be searching, looking, for what it will become……… but more so, for what it wants to be.

For whomever reads this now, I think now is the time, to look toward this small community’s leaders, the Mayor, the City Council, and to try and communicate with them, to help them, not hinder them, in setting this tiny community right again. Much too long Washougal has been regarded as perhaps a misfit, a belligerent child, constantly in flux within a changing world and not knowing how to live in harmony.

The people who call Washougal home need to come together in a spirit of forgiveness, sound thinking, with a positive look toward the future and approach their elected officials with firm but loyal and reassuring hands and thus we all can approach the future with the firm resolve that always marked the pioneering spirit.

Mike Briggs, Washougal

Kick is simply the best

One of the truest measures of a person is how they conduct themselves under stress. The pressures of a political campaign can certainly bring out the best or the worst in people.

My trust and support is not freely granted nor easily won. Nonetheless, I have been very impressed with the way Adam Kick has conducted himself throughout this campaign.

When I attempted to obtain accurate information on the experience of the candidates for prosecuting attorney, Adam Kick was the only candidate willing to provide accurate and complete information.

By any objective measure, he is by far the most successful prosecutor to serve Skamania County in at least the last 10 years. He has nearly three times the prosecution experience of his opponent.

Adam has also routinely understated his qualifications. For instance, he does not mention that he has experience as a deputy prosecuting attorney for King County (Seattle), an office considered among the finest on the West Coast.

Adam has remained fiercely independent to ensure that his ability to perform fairly, equitably, and justly as prosecuting attorney is not compromised. He feels, as I do, that it is imperative to work well and closely with the sheriff’s office. However, anything less than the freedom to exercise independent judgment, free from political encumbrances and allegiances, will compromise the prosecuting attorney’s ability to provide the checks and balances necessary to the overwhelming power of the criminal justice system and appropriate advice to County Officials.

The position of prosecuting attorney is far too important to be decided by party allegiance. At a recent Republican Central Committee meeting, I was sanctioned for supporting Adam, the candidate that I believe is most qualified. While it’s probably not worth contesting the legitimacy of that action, it does provide a very real example of how some partisan politicians react to independent, conscience based thought or action. I will not put party politics above either my principals or the best interests of Skamania County.

I would urge you to look carefully at actual experience, at performance, at common sense, at integrity, and how they conduct themselves. Think also about the example they will set not only for the prosecutors office but also for all law enforcement in Skamania County. If you do, I feel confident that you will come to the same conclusion that I did; Adam Kick is simply the best candidate for prosecuting attorney.

David R. Stanton, Skamania County

Rossi will bring change

Senate candidate, Dino Rossi, knows we need to secure our borders.

Drugs dealers, terrorists and illegal aliens from all over the world penetrate our borders by the millions each year, costing us billions for prisons, welfare, health care, education, housing and loss of jobs for American citizens. This is unsustainable and will eventually contribute to our collapse.

Patty Murray has had her chance and she has failed us. Some of her votes include: March 2008, she voted “yes” to funding for sanctuary cities who blatantly ignore federal law. June 2007, she voted “no” to English as the official language of the US. March 2008, voted “yes” to reform bill that included amnesty to millions here illegally. May 2007, she voted “no” to building a fence along the Mexican border. May 2006, she voted “yes” to giving Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. May 1998, she voted “no” on limiting welfare benefits to people who have come here illegally.

She has a zero rating from US Border Control ( and an F- rating from Numbers USA (, two well respected immigration reform organizations.

We must elect someone who represents the people. Vote for change. Vote for Dino Rossi.

Chuck Miller, Camas

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